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Tech Tool That Precisely Measures Vitamins In Fruits And Vegetables 

Tech tool that precisely measures vitamins in Fruits and vegetables is now going to be used in fields and markets soon. Thanks to the scientists in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands for this great development. 

Accordingly, scientists have recently invented a cheap easy-to-use biosensor to measure vitamins in fruits and vegetables. Now, smart regions went to meet the scientists in charge of this new project. 

Tech Tool To Measure The Quality Of Food

There is an invention of a tech tool to measure the quality of food. Accordingly, this is a biosensor that detects food vitamins through colour coding. 

The Scientists at Maastricht University have been developing the chemical – or receptor – part of the biosensor. Now, this will actually determine the precise vitamin content of a piece of fruit.

However, the cost of the project was 1.9 million euros. Half of that financed by the European Union’s Cohesion Policy. The research programme includes universities, researchers and companies from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

In addition to food companies, the tech would also allow consumers to know the precise nutritional quality of their food.

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Climate Change And The Quality Of Food

Tech Tool That Precisely Measures Vitamins In Fruits And Vegetables

Climate change has made the world think much harder about how and where your food is grown. Accordingly, the Netherlands, a European project ‘EMR Food Screening’ aims to support producers when it comes to making that transition.

And, the project’s flagship device is a biosensor. But, they didn’t yet fully commercialise it. The new sensor can quantify the number of vitamins in cucumbers and other fruit. And, vegetables in real-time in the field.

Now, this kind of information is vital for farmers and food producers. Because, it enables them to adjust variables, like the amount of humidity for plants. Thus, to improve the nutritional quality of their crops.

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