Test results are getting fake in Nigeria

After seeing the spike of the positive covid cases in hostels of the main campus in Akoka, the University of Lagos had decided to close its doors. Bolu and Veronica, twenty-three and twenty-four-year students, are behind with their interrupted studies. These students are in their final year in medical college, and none of them is allowed to return to classes without a negative COVID-19 test result. 

In the hospitals of Nigeria, which the government owns, the test of Covid-19 is free. But the demand in that hospitals is way greater than the supply in there. And this takes days to yield the result of the test. 

However, many privately owned labs can provide the results of tests way faster. But students and many people can’t afford it because it’s expensive. For example, if you go for the test in Abuja, it can leave you with 36,000 nairas out of pocket. And in Lagos, it can cost you up to 50,400 nairas. And the monthly minimum wage in Nigeria is around 30,000 naira, i.e., the cost of the treatment. So an individual has the choice to either spend his month with that money or get a Covid-19 result.

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Fake Test Result

Veronica and Bolu paid a fixer around 3,000 nairas to provide them with a fake negative COVID-19 test result from any private labs. They don’t even have the idea who practice faking these results. They just gave money to one of their friends to get it made for them. 

None of these kids has gone to the hospital for the test. They just paid the money and got the result via email.

Both students witnessed that the faking of these results is very popular on their campus. Almost every kid from their prefers this process instead of getting an expensive Covid test. 

According to Veronica, these results were doctored, and the schools were not confirming their authenticity from any laboratories. The checking system is so bad that any kid can also submit any letter written by himself. 

According to Dr Bamidele Mutiu, the testing of Covid-19 test is also available free if anyone wants. Earlier, at the span of the coronavirus pandemic, it used to be late. But now, you can get the result within 24 hours. 

However, many medical professionals claim that it takes at least three to four days to come back. 

Decreasing the cost of tests 

Test of the coronavirus is necessary for fighting it in Nigeria. And according to experts, the Covid-19 test isn’t expensive in Nigeria but also in the entire world. But it’s still restrictive for the Nigerians cause it is an emerging country. 

According to government figures, Forty per cent of Nigerians are below the poverty line. And around 20 per cent lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic. Due to much such crisis, the country is still trying to recover from the worst slump in four decades.


The richer countries have more than enough resources to secure millions of doses of coronavirus vaccines. But talking about Nigeria and many other developing countries like it, they have to wait in line. They have to wait in line to get the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access Facility (COVAX) initiative. And this is the reason why only 2 per cent of the Nigerian’s population have only received one coronavirus jab. 

The government is coming up with the law and finding out the people involving in this pity business—the pity business of the fake covid test result. 

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