The Congo Rainforest and Vistas for the Next Pandemic

For the world’s biodiversity and carbon storage, the Congo Rainforest is one of the most crucial regions.

As deforestation is leading its pathway, the Amazon Rainforest emits more carbon dioxide than it consumes itself. Therefore, the only hope for humanity is to prevent the toxic effects of climate change in the Congo Rainforest. This forest has more than 10,000 species, of which 30% are isolated from the outer world. And Congo rainforest is one of those forests that are responsible for keeping the global temperature down. 

At the same time, it is also one of the largest undeveloped natural resource centers that produce law materials such as cobalt for electronics. 

But the countries hosting such forests have higher exposure to disease outbreaks, instability, and infrastructure collapse.

Why protecting Congo Rainforest is not a high priority?

Countries around the world are facing several different problems from climate change. For example, countries in the south like DRC are facing several issues. In contrast, the lands situated in the global north like America face problems like crop failures, droughts, etc.

However, the nations in the global north are equally responsible for Africa’s carbon emissions. And this is the second most significant reason for the Congo rainforest disturbance. 

Small-scale agriculture still covers up a portion of 84% of deforestation. And the rainforest hosting countries bear through poor infrastructure. That’s why the indigenous communities there wholly rely on the resources of forest to survive. And that’s the reason why most of the trees are cut down from the forest. 

The Upcoming Pandemic Might Be From the Congo Rainforest 

Due to such unsustainable practices by both domestic and global groups, they are tubes for a more substantial surface area of human-animal interactions.

And this increases the chances of harmful diseases transmissions to the people who live nearby the forests. 

And with the current pandemic of COVID-19 is fresh in mind, the authorities should also take measures on the ongoing crisis in the Congo. Cause it could lead to the next pandemic, which could be more infectious than Covid and more deadly than Ebola. 

Global warming has extended the range of the viruses of different types of insects. When the temperature of these places increases, the insects who can’t bear the cooler climate expand their habitation areas. And this dynamic expansion helps them mix with different species of plants and animals, which could even form a new deadly virus.

And as said earlier, the Congo Rainforest is already enrich with an astonishing amount of parasites and pathogens.  

Also, the most found diseases in the human in recent times is zoonotic.

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The Call for Climate-Smart Agriculture

While the obvious solution for such problems can be importing livestock in recommendations, the temperatures and populations of insects repress their conservation in the forests. 

The animals cannot quickly and safely survive and breed in regions of higher temperature areas, which results in infected meat for more and more African people. 

And with all such interconnections arising issues, it is necessary to come up with creative solutions. 

According to ambassador Cohen:

Let the Congo farmers grow livestock feed, like manioc. . . . Sell the livestock feed to the livestock owners, and in return, the livestock owners will build abattoirs (slaughterhouses) and buy refrigerated vehicles. They can ship refrigerated meat to those parts of Africa where they cannot have livestock, such as southern Nigeria, Cote D’Ivoire, Togo, Benin, Congo. . . . I think it is a win-win situation. There is no need for climate change to ruin everything.

And this can aid disease transmission among the people and can save many lives. 

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