The Covid -19 Pandemic

Coronavirus is rapidly expanding since 2020 all over the world. It had a major effect on our daily lives. Public health actions such as social distancing are quite important to overcome the spread of COVID – 19. As per new policy such as Quarantine had a huge effect on usual activities, routine and highly on livelihood. The main psychological impact in these days is dealing with anxiety , increasing rate of stress and discarded us from mental and health satisfaction.

Every generation had a massive effect on their lifestyle.

Children ‘s quality is concerned by many factors like developmental age , education structure , pre-existing mental health issues, being economically bleak . In terms of schooling, children are becoming a victim of online studies which is not beneficial for future growth. Due to increase in cases , children are becoming more fearful which is leading them towards mental problems .

Adults are suffering with increase in unemployment rate . It had a huge effect on their standard of living which leads them towards mental illness . Being isolated and left with no alternatives , made them in panic restless mode . Due to the pandemic, they are not only suffering from health and mental problems but also due to unemployment.

Older Adults are facing severe morality , disruption in daily routine , difficulty in adopting telemedicine. Comparatively older people have low stress reactivity and have better emotional regulation but due to this pandemic, it has turned upside down.

Here are some ways to cope with mental and health held due to [Covid -19]

》Meditation and yoga
》Proper and limited sleep of 8-9 hours
》Maintain balanced diet
》Explore new Indoor hobbies( individually or along family)
》Be in contact with your family doctor
》Try to communicate your loved ones through video call or phone call on a daily basis so that they may feel loved and less isolated
》If required consult a psychologist through online networking
》More consumption of alcohol, tobacco must be avoided
》 Follow the guidelines given by the doctors or the government

Get vaccinated with covid -19 vaccine and let’s all fight this outbreak . Please follow the guidelines stated by the Indian Government. STAY HOME and STAY SAFE .

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  1. Comment 1 –
    Hello ma’am . I was going through depression and had no idea how come out of it . I recently recovered from the virus . I advice everyone to stay home. So on the point article.

  2. Nice article . I did few things and it really helped me. As a student we are in stress about our education and our country’s education system. Stay strong India.

  3. Corona was a very hard time. Everyone is struggling for employment and children are struggling with online classes. Many people died and many people are dying because of stress and hunger. We need to unity and give strength to India and other countries as one. Stay strong we all will get through this hard time together. Stay safe

  4. My question arises why would a country invent something which is very harmful for the society and then how can it spread all over the world and still no strict action was taken against it. And instead we idiots are looking for vaccine for our people. Good work .Nicely said

  5. In this corona i have lost my cousins and my family is so upset. We were given vaccines but still of no use. I am so depressed . Although i have no interest in politics i couldn’t speak on this topic but i am glad for those who are safe and i pray for those souls who have lost their lives in this corona and could only hope for justice.

  6. I am really enjoying your articles and the active conversation in it. This website is really amazing with different interesting topics. I almost spend my day reading in this website . Keep going 😊

  7. Let’s not blame any country . And try to control this situation. China has already lost his reputation . Let’s focus on us and our people and unity as one .

  8. I know corona was a very harsh time. I advice you all to be positive. It may take some time to get things better but everything will be okay. Good article

  9. Hey Since i am living in abroad , i am thinking of returning back home this year and planning for higher education in India could you guide me is it a right thing to do ? Article is very to the point and i loved it . Good work . Lots of love❤️

    • Hello @Kiran Mehta
      I am glad you liked my Article😊
      India is much better but the danger has not been settled. So i would advice you to take proper precautions before coming to India. Universities and schools are closed. So online classes are the only way of education. However educational institutions are ready to be opened after September or so. Hence, no official announcement has been made. Be in proper contact with your university or school regarding this situation.
      Take care 😊


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