The Kings Of Egypt and Their Monuments


Egyptian Supremacy has a long series of Rulers who were the Kings of Egypt. It was a well civilized State in the Mediterranean world. The World has seen Egyption history from the great Pyramids of the Old Kingdom to the development in the New Kingdom. 

Egyptian people were ruled under the dominance of Kings. The main sources of Egyptian kingship are the great pyramids, the monuments and artifacts obtained from the archaeological sites. 

Beginning Of The Kingship Follows The Monumental Architecture In Egypt

Kingship in Egypt began prior to more than 20 Centuries. People around Egypt used to cultivate crops, they were farmers and established their home town near river Nile. There are  many monumental structures built by the kings. Following is a series of Egyptian Kingship:

Rule of Northern Kingdom and Southern “Scorpion King”

At the times of 3400 B.C There were two kingdoms developed on the Red Land to the north based in the Nile River Delta. The King Menes ruled over there. The Other Kingdom that was known as Scorpion King. He developed his kingdoms to the Southern region. 

Scorpion king attempted to conquer the Northern Kingdom in 3200 B.C. After a Century King Menes unified the north and became the First King of the first Dynasty. 

The Period during the Rule of King Menes was known as the Archaic Period (3100-2686 B.C). It was the Foundation of Egyptian society and the beginning of kingship ideology. The king was believed to be like god and people became slaves. 

Kings of Egypt: Kingdom of Pharaohs

The Kingdom of Pharaohs started after the Archaic Period. This was the full fledged Version of Kingship. The Era was known to be the Old Kingdom and the age of Pyramid Builders (2686 – 2181). 

King Djoser 

He was the first King who asked an Architect to build a monumental building for him. That was the Step Pyramid at Saqqara. This was the first major stone building in the Egyptian Kingdom. 

King Khufu the king of Egypt

King Khufu ruled from 2589 to 2566 B.C. The Great Pyramid at Giza in Cairo. This later came to be known among the Seven Wonders of the World. According to the ancient Greeks the Giza pyramid took 10,000 men and 20 years to build it. 

King Khafre and King Menkaura

King Khafra was the Son of Khufu. Second largest Pyramid of Giza was built for him. According to Greek historians Diodorus and Herodotus had written about Khafre to be a cruel Tyrant. 

King Menkaura was the successor of King Khafre according to some archaeological figures. The famous tomb, the pyramid of Menkaure, is at Giza. There is a great triad statue of King with his wives Rekhetre and khamerernebty. 

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Intermediate Period of Memphis Rulers

The Intermediate Period (2181 – 2055 B.C.) began after the collapse of the Old Kingdom. There had been a civil war between the provincial governors in Egypt. After the beginning of the Intermediate Period, the system of Central Authority was ended. 

Heracleopolis and Mentuhotep Kings

This was a series of 17 Rulers. Heracleopolis rules the regions of Memphis and Thebes. Mentuhotep, another ruler, was also from Thebes. Both the rulers were in conflict. Mentuhotep succeeded Heracleopolis and re-united Egypt. 

The Mentuhotep is considered to be the first ruler of the 11th Dynasty. It was mentioned in many inscriptions that Mentuhotep was the first Pharaoh of the Eleventh dynasty. The kings of this Era remained their rule over a small population. 

They began to build tombs in their own domains and raised armies. The people were engaged in local rivalries. There was a water crisis at that time. That resulted in lower crops, drier climate and then famine occured. 

Q: What is the name of the first pyramid to be built ?

Q: What is the name of the first pyramid to be built ?

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