The Palestinian Ambassador called for boycotting Israeli products

The Palestinian ambassador to Bangladesh called on the people of the world to take part in a different kind of war against Israel. Yusuf Ramadan, Palestinian ambassador to the Palestinian embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh, called on people around the world to stand by them. He said that the war against Israel could be fought not only by taking up arms but also in many other ways. He also spoke in support of the Islamic Alliance.

Referring to the long-running Israeli violence in Palestine, Youssef Ramadan said Palestinians have been deprived of their civil rights for 73 years. Their movement against the Israelis is a movement for their own survival. He added that the Palestinian movement is a movement to defend the holy land of Muslims. By persecuting the Palestinians, Israel has proved that it is not only the enemy of Muslims but also the enemy of humanity, the enemy of the global community, the enemy of the world. There is no need to fight in the present, but if you want to be on the sidelines, you can stay in different ways. For at least three months, he said to refrain from drinking Israeli products such as Pepsi-Coca-Cola. Boycotting the US dollar for at least a week will have far-reaching consequences.

In his speech, he thanked the government of Bangladesh for standing by the Palestinian people. In doing so, he called on the entire world to help them in their struggle for the rights of the Palestinian people.

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