The Queen signs Windsor Castle Exhibition to celebrate life of Prince Phillip

Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh who passed away at the age of 99 in the month of April, had led a memorable life.

In order to celebrate his life and their 73 years old marriage, the queen has reportedly signed off an exhibition at Windsor castle. There were certain achievements under his belt that will be celebrated at the exhibition.

Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth pictured at Windsor castle , SOURCE: BBC News

According to The Sun, ‘The 95-year-old monarch has agreed to release treasured artefacts for the display that will chart their wedding as well as her late husband’s naval career, charity work of Prince Phillip and his love of carriage driving”.

The Exhibition was planned by Royal Exhibition Trust to celebrate Prince Phillip’s 100th birthday but he passed at the age of 99. The Queen is reported to be given a private tour since she will not be opening the exhibition.

The royal collection trust, organizing committee of royal tours for queen, has reportedly lost millions due to the ongoing pandemic.

The royal Collection trust is responsible for organizing tours and public openings.

Income generated from these public openings and commercial endorsements are used for the conservation of royal treasury.

According to Hello Magazine, “ They are expecting massive numbers of visitors who are pleasantly surprised by the Queen’s generosity and what she’s agreed to be used” “Even though it’s all a bit raw coming so soon after she said goodbye, the Queen considers it part of history.”

A source claims, “The exhibits paint a picture of the duke and much has been said about him since he died, but there is much more to see. “

After Covid restrictions eases in London, Windsor castle is opened for public last month.

Royal enthusiasts waiting for the historical moment can book their tickets through RCT’S website.

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