The Road Ahead For Bangladesh In 2021

Due to the on going pandemic the road ahead for Bangladesh is getting rougher. Some other things like natural calamities or economic downfall add mire difficulties for Bangladesh in 2021.

Road Ahead For Bangladesh Is Not Easy

Today the topic of our article is the road ahead for Bangladesh in 2021. Pandemic is overall worsening economic situations around the globe. It is further devastating conditions of migrant and garment workers of Bangladesh. Climate change is also a serious matter to cope with in 2021. Rohingya refugees, rising religious tendencies and civil liberty issues are adding difficulties to the country’s overall outlook. 

Covid-19 looks like it is not going to end in 2021. Already it has annihilated many economies. Pandemic is the most brutal challenge for Bangladeshi migrants and garment workers to face. As they are the main reasons of the economic miracle of Bangladesh. 

Problems Of Migrant And Garment Women Workers

Many many more Bangladeshi migrant workers lost jobs in Gulf countries. Because of corona they faced closures of borders and economies. Although after short intervals of openings some migrant workers regained their jobs. But mostly  their situations are at the mercy of fate. 

Bangladeshi economic boom is based on garment sector exports. Country is the second largest exporter of readymade clothes in the world. 84% worldwide garment export is the contribution of low waged Bangladeshi women workers. 

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These low income Bangladeshi workers have no alternative to a job. If covid-19 becomes the reason for closures of garment factories. Current government is also neglecting them to provide any aid. It provided $8-billion for export industries to compensate for losses due to the pandemic. 

Current government should also provide relief packages to most poor sections of countries. These are migrant workers and women garment workers. They are facing extreme poverty, hunger and starvation-like situations because of covid’s wrath. 

Climate Change Challenges

Bangladesh is not a lone country that has to bear consequences of climate change. Many regions are already countering it’s disasters. Although pm haseena is committed to tackle this issue. More powerful drives are needed to convince major carbon emitting countries. That transition towards green energy is the sole solution to the most recurring situations.

Bangladesh is facing sea rising levels and cyclone threats because of climate change. So it has to initiate dialogues with China and the USA regarding it. The country has deep relations with both super powers. So there is a big chance of breakthroughs if the Government takes this issue seriously.

The Rohingya Refugees And Civil Liberty Issues

The Rohingya refugee crisis is yet to be resolved on the road ahead for Bangladesh in 2021. The community’s welfare is a big question for humanity. Their persecution, poverty, and pandemic problems altogether are posing a challenge to their existence. Transferring Rohingyans from Cox’s Bazar to Bhasan Char is adding insult to their injuries. Island itself is not livable in experts’ views. 

Bangladesh is also on international headlines due to its civil liberty issues. Digital Security Act forcefully banned civil rights of freedom of expression. Current Government endorsed it two years ago to censor critics. 

Rising Religious Tendencies

Moreover religious tendencies are rising among the huge populace. Islam is state religion of the country. Though not officially recognized. Bangladeshi people are very sensible to their religious thought system. 

A big majority also differs with secularistic ways of governance. Just taking example of Indian PM Modi’s arrival announcement last year. Indian PM Modi had to cancelled his visit due to outbreaks of violent protests. There were casualties in the movement. Government was not capable of controlling such strikes. 

So the road ahead for Bangladesh in 2021 is not easy. It’s going to be tougher to tackle. As most issues are very challenging. Yet Bangladeshi’s people like challenges, they will clash with them. 

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