The Sun: Science, Facts And Details

The Sun is believed to be the main source of the universe. There is science and certain amazing facts about the sun. According to astronomers, the sun was born about 4.5 billion years ago. 

The Sun is a bright star and a central member of the solar system. It looks like a burning ball of fire. The Sun plays a crucial role in the systems of earth and other planets. 

Here, we have seasons, atmosphere and heat, that’s all because of the sun. However this is not enough about the sun. The Sun has its own science and certain interesting facts. 

The Sun and Science 

Scientists and astronomers have studied the sun, its structure and impacts. According to which the sun has been formed from the solar nebula. 

Some 5 billion years ago, the sun entered a red giant phase. Then it formed outer layers and shrunk back to a form of brightening star.  

Talking about the sun’s structural analysis, it is huge enough. It has a diameter about 109 times the size of Earth. Moreover the mass of the sun is about 99.8% of the mass of the solar system. 

Scientific Researches

Scientists started studying the Sun from Earth orbit. Now there are a series of orbiting observations over the sun. These are known as the Orbiting Solar Observatory established in 1962. 

After a certain Evolutionary process, NASA in 2004, became successful in its attempt to bring solar wind on earth for research. In 2007 it got the first three dimensional image of the sun through Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO).

In 2010, NASA launched The Solar Dynamics Observatory. It returned back with a treasure of information about the sun. Some points include sun’s close up activities, high resolutions of solar flares in a wide range of intense solar radiations. 

The recent addition to the research on the sun is the new NASA’s Parker Solar Probe and ESA Solar Orbiter. Launched in 2018 and 2020. These spacecraft orbit the sun closer than any other spacecraft before. It takes measurements around the sun’s atmosphere. 

Details About Sun

There are so many measurements  about the sun according to the research. Some of these include:

The major components of the Sun include Hydrogen and Helium. Only 2% are the heavier elements present in it. Such as nitrogen, oxygen, iron and neon.

The Sun’s core temperature reached at about 27,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit. While at the surface of the sun, the average temperature is 9,941degree Fahrenheit. 

The Sun contains six important layers, the core, then there is a radiative zone , convective zone known as inner layer, photosphere, chromosphere and the corona (the outer layer). 

The Sun has its magnetic field known as the heliosphere. It is able to protect the overall solar planets from harmful cosmic radiation. Moreover, the Sun’s surface contains a few dark spots. These sunspots have a magnetism which interacts with earth’s atmosphere. Thus creates the so-called aurora borealis. 

Purpose Of Sunspots And Solar Flares

Sunspots are the regions on the sun which appear to be darker. This is because these are cooler. Formed in the areas of strong magnetic activity. The heat transfer took place within it. 

When the magnetic fields cross the sunspots, there will be an explosion of energy. This is called the solar flares. However the intense solar flares interfere with  radio communications on earth. 

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Ancient Egyptians Beliefs

Ancient Egyptians used to worship many gods. One of them was the Sun god. The name was Ra. Ra. People believe that Ra.Ra is powerful enough and it brings them light and life. 

Moreover some of them believe that Ra.Ra is the ruler of skies, earth and the underworld. They worship the sun god for praying to have crops and calm weather too. 

Interestingly, according to them Ra would descend into the underworld to rule. Then he will be reborn there each morning with the sunrise. 

Q: What does a Sun Symbol Represents? 

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A: In 2004

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