The turmoil of the Bangladesh Film Industry

The Bangladesh Film Industry is known as Dhallywood. Unfortunately, the present condition of the industry is not very good. In other words, we can say that the sector is severely hindered in the attempts of development. In the early days of 1919, most of the feature films were produced in Calcutta because Bangladesh (East Pakistan at that time) had no such resource to make an entire feature film.

Mukh O Mukhosh(The Face and The Mask), 1956, was the first-ever Bengali feature film to be made in Bangladesh (East Pakistan). It was based on the play of Abdul Jabbar Khan, Dakaat (Robbers). Unfortunately, the actors had no experience. That’s why they worked for free, and they had to take the reels to Lahore to develop them. But the film was a great success, and everyone liked their own regional cinema.

But unfortunately, the golden era of Dhallywood remained during 1970 and 1980. After that, the industry began to fall. The nation strived for development, and due to the negligence towards the film industry, it started to turmoil.

Some of the significant factors that were the root cause of the downfall were negligence from the government, scarcity of talent, absence of big producers, lack of technology in the field, absence of adequate quality theaters, etc.

According to a renowned Bangladeshi actor Farida Aktar, known as Babita, the government hasn’t provided measures to renovate the industry. Instead, the producers took their money back from the market, and cinema halls were converted into malls. So although some talented directors are constantly trying to revive the industry, it is nearly impossible to succeed without support from the higher authorities. She also stated that even if they run foreign films or Indian Bengali films, a large portion of the middle class won’t go to watch.

The cinema is the best way to connect to the local audience, and various revolutions can be initiated through cinema. But unfortunately, Dhallywood or the Bangladesh Film Industry is suffering, and there is no easy solution to fix this.

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