The UK government announces high-tech lab to boost 5G infrastructure

The UK’s leading agency has joined forces with telecom regulator, Ofcom to install a new high-tech lab to speed up the advancement of the 5G communication kit and help Britain modify its merchandise.

Backed by £1m in UK authorities funding, the new Sonic Labs will be based mostly in London and Brighton that will allow telecom tools makers to look at how their equipment behaves in a completely different technological facility. Besides, it will act as an automobile to motivate progressive suppliers to enter the UK telecom industry to provide innovation in public networks.

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The lab will be operated by UK communications regulator, Ofcom and digital technology innovation centre Digital Catapult, which has built the facility using its existing infrastructure.


Sonic Labs will work with various suppliers to uncover new strategies for telecom networks. The lab will be a real-world testing facility that intends to bring in multiple providers to supply parts for 5G radio equipment.

The 5G Diversification Strategy came into being after it decided to ban equipment from suppliers such as Huawei, this strategy is an ambitious plan to grow supply chains of telecom networks while ensuring it to be resilient to future trends and threats. It has three essential strands: supporting incumbent suppliers, attracting new suppliers into the UK market, and accelerating the development and deployment of open-interface solutions.

The strategy strives to make the UK Government a safe and creative supply chain for the future, less dependent on a limited number of multinational suppliers and more accessible to new market entrants. The lab will also aspire to deploy multiple providers to provide with the components of 5G wireless devices

“Our funding is an important element of our strategy to sort out the world’s over-reliance on a small variation of telecoms suppliers by rising our cutting-edge options at the house. I stay up for seeing how the lab will help the incredible social and financial advantages of latest know-how for individuals across the UK.” stated UK digital Infrastructure Minister, Matt Warman.

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