The UN adopted four agendas to resist Systemic Racism

The United Nations has adopted a new policy against systematic racism. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has set four agendas for ensuring racial justice and equality.

Michelle Bachelet, former president of Chile and head of UN human rights, recently presented a 23-page report on the Floyd assassination. In the report, she cites new systematic racism and the need to end centuries-old racism. She also Includes funding for compensation and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

For centuries, racism has been hailed as one of the most heinous chapters in human history, where people of African descent were used as slaves based solely on their skin color. For a long time, today’s great United States was the worst example of racism. But has racisms really disappeared from human society now or is it taking a different evolutionary form?

The Racism that the world is witnessing at the present time can be called systemic racism. Where racism has normalized with the normal life of the people. School-College, Medical Center, Prayer hall etc. the dominance of white people has been normalized. Where a newborn is instilled in the mind of a child from birth that white means good people and black people are bad people..

The killing of a typical black man by white police stormed social media last year. Forty-six-year-old George Floyd was publicly murdered by police in the Minnesota area of ​​the United States. In 25 may 2020, he was arrested for money laundering, but he refused.

Last Monday UN set for resisting racism. It has called on member states to adhere to the four agendas adopted in the recent Floyd assassination case.

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