The Weird Whales NFT took the internet by storm

This is the story of a 12-year-old London-based boy, Benyamin Ahmed. The young coder has made a little fortune selling pixelated doodles, Weird Whales NFT, to a huge number of crypto fans. Ahmed’s interest in whales and coding has given this 12-year-old a strong base for his financial future.

Crazy selling weird whales NFT

12-Year-Old ' Weird Whales NFT Creator Set to Rake in $400K Worth of Ether  – Bitcoin News

His first NFT collection, which he launched earlier comprises 40 vivid, pixelized symbols called Minecraft Yee Haa. The collection didn’t garner enough attention.

Later in June, he started to code Weird Whales – his second NFT collection – which highlights 3,350 pixelated whales. Each with striking characteristics. To his surprise, when he launched his collection in July it immediately sold out in less than 9 hours.

Ahmed didn’t own a bank account

The 12-year-old genius didn’t have a customary bank account. He rather keeps all his income in a crypto wallet. His viral collection acquired him a sum of 80 Ether tokens, worth about $248,000 at that point. He likewise gathers a 2.5% commission each time those NFTs sell in the market. That secondary sell procured him another 30 Ether

He says; “It might be early proof that, in the future, maybe everyone doesn’t need a bank account and just has an ether address and a wallet.”

Going ahead, Ahmed is chipping away at another superhuman NFT project. He predicts that a lot more effective NFT collection will have a meme component.

Weird whales NFT are not the only weird digital art

NFTs are in the toilet: Charmin is selling toilet paper-themed crypto art after weird whales NFT

This Spring, the world tackles a new crypto frenzy: blockchain-based resources called NFTs. These advanced collectibles started selling for five, six figures, or even eight.

As the NFT frenzy started making headlines, brands begin jumping on the bandwagon, for example, bathroom tissue creator Charmin. In a progression of tweets last week, Charmin presented digital art. That includes different illustrations of rolls of tissue- to be purchased as NFTs.

Eateries including Taco Ringer, Pizza Hovel, Pringles, and others—have been utilizing NFTs as an approach to publicize more youthful socioeconomics. Grillo’s Pickles is utilizing the pattern to advance their pickles, selling 16 NFTs including their mascot.

When Coronavirus lockdown started; Brooklyn movie producer Alex Ramírez-Mallis and four friends sent random voice messages of their farts to each other, through a WhatsApp group. After one year, Ramírez-Mallis is auctioning 52 minutes of sound fart as an NFT.

The Space Watch

Richard Danne designs Space Watch as NASA's first NFT

NASA although known for space travel, yet their most current strange region is the NFT market. Today on Raible, they’re selling a stand-out wristwatch produced by ANICORN. Richard Danne designed the watch, the man behind NASA’s “worm” logo. The best way to get the watch is to buy the NFT. That accompanies the secret video and sound clips, and Danne’s signature.

Pakistani viral meme

Recently, a Pakistani meme that circulated around the web in 2015 September sacked Rs8.6 million after someone published it as a non-fungible token (NFT). The image with the text “Friendship ended with MUDASIR. Now SALMAN is my best friend” was posted by Muhammad Asif Raza Rana around six years prior and it turned into a web sensation in Pakistan as well as in numerous different nations too.

While all that is occurring in the NFT market, ether, the digital currency that is the main payment method to buy NFT deals, is down about half from its record-breaking exorbitant cost and is battling to clear $2,000.

The guerrilla marketing and the particular chance that the purchaser will actually want to purchase an obnoxious digital art for $10 million in a couple of years is a sign we’ve entered another period of internet madness.

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