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Things to know before buying a headphone: 4 tips

If you walk down in markets to buy headphones for yourself, you will get a wide variety. There will be tons of options for you to go on with whatever price range you want. However, you have to be wise to choose the exact features of headphones at the lowest price you can. So here are some of the requirements necessary for you to know before choosing one for yourself.

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The sound quality 

Well, you are willing to buy headphones, and it’s obvious you’ll be checking the sound quality of that. But some key aspects that we like to mention here for you that ideally judging for the sound quality is concerning bass. 

Many people just buy headphones by hearing the clear sound from them. But that’s not enough. Having a clear sound is a necessary need but having a robust bass is also prominent. 

However, don’t buy a headphone with extreme level bass. Using a headphone with extreme level bass is sometimes quite obnoxious whenever you try to listen to lofi music. 

Wired or Wireless 

Well, for convenience, wireless headphones are way better than wired ones. However, some aspects left wireless behind to wired ones. If you are a hardcore gamer or music producer, you should buy wired ones. Because being a gamer, you don’t want latency in sounds while playing. Also, being a music producer, you want the best level of sound performance to judge your music, so for all that, wired ones are the better options because of it’s wire connection. 

However, if you are just buying it for gamming and listening to songs randomly you can quickly go for wireless without a second thought. 

Although nowadays, many headphones provide you with both aux(wired) and wireless connectivity. However, they are a bit expensive than others.

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Types of headphones 

There are prominently three types of headphones. 

  • Over-Ear Headphones: These headphones are enormous, and they cover your entire ears. Due to complete coverage of ears, very few ambient passes to your ears. However, they are so huge that sometimes you’ll feel heavy if you use them for long hours. 
  • On-Ear Headphones: These headphones are smaller than over-ear headphones, so sound loudness is slightly low. These headphones are lightweight so that you can wear them for many hours without any problem.
  • Closed-Back Headphones:  These headphones are also giant, just like Over-Ear Headphones. However, these cover your entire ear and don’t let the outside sounds come inside your ear. After wearing these, you’ll not be able to listen to any noise outside, and no one will be able to hear what you are listening to. There’s a similar version of these headphones known as Open-Back Headphones. These are similar to the closed one, with just one difference that these headphones are open from behind to pass the sound waves. 

Battery Life & Bluetooth Connectivity 

If you are opting for a Bluetooth version, here’s something for you to note about the products before buying.

It is necessary that the Bluetooth version of your headset must be 5.0. And the reason for this is simply that it is 2021, and it is the basic need for connectivity with every device. 

And second, the most critical aspect is the battery life. The average battery life for your headphones must be 20 hours because you will use them all day, so it’s a minimum requirement to get fulfilled. 

So here are the few points which were necessary to note before buying a headset. You can check many headsets from Amazon for yourself. 


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