Things You Should Know About Online Security

There are many works and activities we have to perform online. Those activities include payment of bills, taxes, Shopping, Business, and many more. Our smartphones, PCs, and laptops are the devices from which we may connect to the world. 

Online connections require accounts and IDs for personal usage. These accounts are also involved in bank account records. Moreover, these include our personal data, photos, and important documents. These activities and functions technically require security checks and systems.

Common Online Security Threats 

In this world of globalization, the word online means everything for you. Online security is as important as you would be in great trouble if not protected from following threats.

Hackers groups

Corporate Spies

Terrorist groups

Criminal Organisations 

Aggrieved employees or partners and many more.

Common Security Systems Include:

Our smartphones and computers contain software to operate for security purposes. Certain security systems includes:


Antimalware system

Endpoint detection and protection system

Security information and event management (SIEM) 

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Intrusion prevention and detection system (IDS, IPS) 

Encryption tools and Vulnerability scanners etc.

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Tips to Follow for Online Security

Everyone wants to be secure and keep their privacy but most often they forget about certain precautions to follow. Online threats are to be decreased by following some precautions in your Online system of functions.

  1. Install a VPN and make use of it

If privacy is important to you, VPN is necessary for this. VPN ( virtual private network) encrypts your internet traffic, routing it through a server that makes your internet data private and safe.

Go to the google play store and type VPN

Install the app and open it accepting terms and conditions.

VPN hides your IP address, hackers or trackers wouldn’t be able to get your IP address. They will get the VPN’s company address. VPN is one of the online security options whenever using public wifi or free internet. 

  1. Email security

Email is the most important online account which you have to provide in certain applications. Many security threats like scams, phishing, and suspicious links can be incorporated into the email. Photos and documents are to be saved in google accounts that are incorporated in your email.

  • Make a email account, tap on create account
  • Use a difficult password for email
  • Make double Authentication system to log in to your email
  • Keep updated with random privacy checkup
  • Use different email accounts in different applications or for business purposes.

Email security works to filter out incoming threats. It is helpful to prevent outgoing messages from sharing certain forms of data.

  1. Install Cybersecurity Tools

Information technology has created tools to figure out online crimes and to filter out all integrated online cybersecurity issues. There are some apps for online security:

  1. Cryptostopper 

Cryptostopper works to catch the bots which are encrypting your data. It creates a deception formula that seeks to detect the threat, its code and immediately delete that code. 

Cryptostopper will detect the threat within 9 seconds and its immediate elimination.

It isolates the workstation and the affected areas of the system so that the ransomware cannot manage to affect more and more areas.

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  1. NMAP

NMAP frequently recognizes the source of online threats on a network. It also runs on the multiple distributions of the operating systems. NMAP is such a security tool that immediately scans hundreds of machines on a network at a single moment. 

NMAP is suitable for the Office or any organization’s Wifi or network system. It is primarily made for the network security system. 

  1. Nessus

Nessus is another scanning tool for online threats, especially for malicious hackers. It scans on the network to catch the hackers who try to access the data from the internet. Nessus scans for unauthorized access 1200 times. 

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