Third wave of Coronavirus is emerging in UK!

The United Kingdom is in the midst of a third wave of coronavirus. A similar warning has recently been issued by the country’s scientific community. Doctors have made similar comments after analyzing the reports of coronavirus patients in the past few days.

The United Kingdom has just recovered from the effects of the second wave of coronavirus, but the number of cases and deaths has not yet returned to normal. It is already known that many people have been infected with the new  variant of coronavirus. According to BBC, 3000 cases are noticed each day. This trend has continued for the past five days in the UK. However, it is feared that about one-third of the victims will be victims of new variants. Although this number is insignificant, there is reason to worry.

Is third wave in alarming in UK? 

The current rate of infection in the UK can be traced back to April. With very few cases, the UK became infected with the coronavirus.  The British government has been able to bring the situation under control to some extent. However, the current effect of the Indian variant in the UK is really alarming. Experts believe that this infection could take a terrible shape very soon.

What experts say about third wave in UK?

Cambridge University professor Ravi Gupta says the UK needs to be vigilant now. The new strain of the virus that has been detected in India is capable of spreading very quickly. The damage and infection are even more alarming than ever before, as the new coronavirus has already been detected in the UK.  There is a need to be aware of this. At least previous experience has shown that the situation can take a very small scale. Judging from this, the announcement made by the British government on June 21 to lift the lockdown will have to be reconsidered.

How terrible the third wave can be?

 Many are saying that a third wave of coronavirus is coming. However, it is important to consider how dangerous it can be for the UK. As many are already come under vaccination, it needs long time to spread. So it is less likely that a terrible situation will arise very soon. However, it is not possible to say for sure that the situation will not get worse.

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