Troika Plus To Find Afghan Solution In August

Troika means USA, Russia, and China. Troika Plus means Pakistan is added to the list. Afghanistan’s situation is worsening. And is a headache for 3 superpowers with neighboring Pakistan.

Meeting of the highest officials of these countries is scheduled in Doha Qatar on 11th august. They are going to find out a possible solution for the Afghanistan issue. All these powers want to prevent civil war situations in the graveyard of the empires. 

This Meetup is set up because of mainly two reasons. First Afghan Taliban are rapidly controlling major parts of the country just after the starting of US and NATO withdrawal. The second reason is possibly the failure of intra afghan dialogue among different stakeholders including the Afghan Taliban. 

Importance Of Troika Plus Meetup

Troika Plus has already sat back in Doha in April. Which shows their consensus of solving the issue collectively. These efforts are praiseworthy and are necessary tools to resolve regional war-like situations. All they are trying to have is a peaceful endgame. 

It is an interesting development that the US looks anti-China and Russia on many events. But Afghan Taliban have made the US cooperate with other powers. And Washington is also feeling comfortable with its rivals on this Afghanistan specified problem. The US looks bound to take on board all troika countries. 

Stance Of Russia And China Over US Withdrawal

Russia, as well as China, were against the quick withdrawal of US and NATO forces. Both countries have also blamed US policies for the worst conditions of Afghanistan. Washington is now seriously considering the fact that it cannot alone save a war-torn country.

Pakistan’s stance is no different from Russia and China’s about hasty US and NATO withdrawal. It also charges the US for spreading a mess in Afghanistan. Regional countries are worried about continued unrest close to them. That could cause instability in their countries.

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Afghan Taliban In China

Recently a delegation of nine Afghan Taliban members visited China. China gave them a warm welcome. Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi himself met with Mullah Baradar. Afghan Taliban are seeking moral high grounds from regional powers with their diplomacy. China requested them not to host ETIM in Afghanistan. Taliban assured them that they will not support any terrorist organization. 

TTP Tehreeke Taliban Pakistan remained seriously involved in terrorism in Pakistan. Pakistan’s stance for them is that they were operating from Afghanistan. Pakistan is likely to urge the Afghan Taliban to neutralize these terror outfits.

A similar threat is there for Russia. For them, IS-Khorasan is destabilizing former Soviet states and now allies of Russia. Russia is responsible for securing Central Asian Countries under CSTO pledges. 

SpokesPersons Confirmation

All the foreign office spokespersons of Troika Plus countries have confirmed. That they are planning to sit together in August. For merely one agenda to find a viable solution to the most complicated matter of Afghanistan. 

Zahid Hafiz Choudhry Pakistani foreign office focal person commented. That Pakistan will review current afghan situations in the coming summit of Doha. Pakistan is ready to support its neighbor to be stable and prosperous. 

Zamir Kabulov is the Special Russian Presidential Representative for Afghanistan and Director of the Second Asian Department at Russia’s Foreign Ministry. He gave an online Statement on Thursday. That Russia is truly optimistic about a peaceful arrangement in Afghanistan. And for that sole reason, they are totally engaged with their counterparts. 

US President’s Announcement And Aghan Taliban’s Advancing

US President Joe Biden’s 14th April announcement of complete withdrawal is becoming trouble for peace seekers in Afghanistan. No one was expecting that move. Though there were signals of it. Many more parties are there who want the US to continuously stay there. 

Afghan Taliban are claiming 85% control of the country. And they can capture the rest of it. But it looks like they are waiting for international recognition before they capture Kabul. Afghan Taliban are independent much more today than they were in influence of Pakistan in the past. They will not surely accept dictation of any troika plus country. 

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