Turkey realigning ties with Egypt and Gulf rivals

On Tuesday, the Turkish and Egyptian officials met to aid a calmer relationship between Turkey and its Arab neighbor folks. This happened almost after the decade of outrage and distrust in both societies. 

Following the May Cairo summit, the Turkey-Egypt talks were the second round of the Ankara meeting. In addition, it was also the first direct, high-level discussion among the countries since 2013. 

In the wake of the 2011 Arab Spring, this contract with Turkey is the latest. Later on, across the Middle East and North Africa region, it was argued as an antigovernmental moment. Thus, it results in unseating a vast amount of extended time rulers and threatening others. 

For the widespread protests, Turkey uses the Arab regimes. Previously it was a backed group of the Muslim brotherhood who took a chance to overrule in the region. 

In Egypt, the dispute happened when military chief Abdel Fattah el-Sisi defeated a Muslim Brotherhood leader and Turkish ally, President Mohamed Morsi.

After seeing the Muslim brotherhood in threats in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and UAE became rivals of Turkey. 

This rivalry, later on, results in the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul in 2018. And in response, the Turkish president blamed the Saudi ruler Mohammed bin Salman’s close people.

During Libya’s 2019 civil war, the Turkish became a conflict. In Tripoli, they were backing up the administration of the UN, while Egypt, UAE, and Saudi Arabia were in their favor.

‘Aggressive’ post-Arab Spring approach of Turkey

The atmosphere has become very healthy between Ankara and its former rivals because of the change in regional dynamics. 

But after the uprisings of the Muslim brotherhoods, Turkey has adopted an aggressive and security approach, making it a significant threat. 

The faith in Washington’s region role is also shattered after the quick withdrawal of the US retreat from Afghanistan. 

And Now, Saudis, Egyptians, etc., are going in the diplomatic approach because of the failure of post-Arab Spring foreign policy.

Now the region in which they are living will not be interrupted by the US anymore. Also, the security-related approach doesn’t lead to the destruction which they were expecting. 

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The mindset of Turkey

The whole mentality and the thinking of Arab are now very different. They don’t care about the increase of Muslim brotherhood in their region than they used to do in early 2010.

Turkey has broken the robust bond and support of the Muslim brotherhood. Even now also it’s not much focus on social issues. 

The removal of the rivalries will help Turkey a lot in the growth of the segments in which it lags behind.

If Turkey tries to better its relations with Cairo and Abu Dhabi, it will eventually isolate Greece, and it’s a traditional rival in the eastern Mediterranean. 

Economic factors are down due to the hit of the coronavirus impact on economies. And better bonding can improve trade and higher investments. 

It is likely in the increment of the regional corporation among the four. The mistrust will remain constant. 

The personal enmity that has developed from the many years can lead to a normalcy little tuff but not impossible. 

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