U.S to hold the first in-person talks with Taliban government

A US official reported that representatives from the USA will meet senior Taliban figures at the end of the week. The US talks with Taliban government will mainly aim at facilitating the evacuation of foreign residents and at-risk Afghans from Afghanistan.

It’s the first such meeting since U.S. forces departed from Afghanistan in late August, finishing a 20-year military presence there. The discussions are to take place in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

The Biden administration has fielded inquiries and complaints about the sluggish speed of US evacuations from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan since the last US forces and negotiators left there At the end of August.

The agenda of US talks with Taliban

The focal point of talks in Doha would hold the Taliban’s chief leaders to responsibilities that they would permit Americans and other foreign nationals to leave Afghanistan. Alongside Afghans who once worked for the US military or government and other Afghan allies.

The US also intends to press the Taliban to observe the privileges of women and girls, a significant number of whom the Taliban are supposedly impeding from getting back to jobs and schools, and to frame a comprehensive government.

US authorities will urge Taliban authorities to give humanitarian organizations free admittance to regions in need of financial sustainability, following the US departure and Taliban takeover.

Pakistani officials hold talks over Afghanistan

US Deputy Secretary of State, Wendy Sherman has met Pakistan’s foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi in Islamabad to examine bilateral ties, provincial harmony and the way forward in Afghanistan under Taliban rule.

A statement from the Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs reads; “There is a fundamental convergence between Pakistan and the United States on the need for a peaceful settlement in Afghanistan.”

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Official statement from the Taliban government

Taliban representative Suhail Shaheen, who is based in Doha, told the Associated Press on Saturday that; the discussions will shed light on the peace agreement, the Taliban signed with Washington in 2020. The agreement that resulted in the last U..S. withdrawal. He said; “Yes there is a meeting regarding two-sided relations and execution of the Doha arrangement that covers different points.”

The U.S.- Taliban agreement of 2020, which was devised by the Trump government. It requested the Taliban to break ties with militant groups and assurance Afghanistan would not again harbor terrorists who could assault the US and its allies.

Discussion on terrorism threats with the Taliban government

Since the Taliban took power, Islamic State terrorists have amped up attacks on the militant group, ethnic and religious minorities. On Friday, an IS suicide bomber killed around 46 Shiite Muslims and injured handfuls.

Both sides will certainly discuss how to handle the developing threat. The Taliban have said that they don’t need U.S. anti-terrorism assistance and have cautioned Washington against any alleged “over-the-horizon” strikes on Afghan territory from outside the nation’s line of demarcation.

According to the State Department; dozens of American citizens are seeking to get out. Those include numerous green-card holders and Afghans and family members, those who were thought to be eligible for U.S. visas. Although, the session won’t imply that the U.S. is recognizing the Taliban as lawful leaders of Afghanistan.

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