Ukrainian defense ministry Alleged Russia Of Hacking

Recently hackers attacked a Ukrainian naval website. And messed with sea breeze drills reports. Ukrainian defense ministry charged Russian hackers behind the plot. On Friday he said hackers have links with state authorities. 

Black Sea is in the news again. Few days back there were naval forces of 30 countries. Russia was not happy with Sea breeze drills of late June. 

Comments Of Ukrainian Defense Ministry

The Defence ministry released a statement on Friday that they have eliminated threats. The Naval website is restarting its work in a short time. 

Ukraine has an official stance on cyber attacks. It links these attacks to Russian hybrid war against them. 

Relations Between Russia And Ukraine

Relations between Russia and Ukraine have not been ideal since the Crimea annexation. Russia also supports rebellions or freedom fighters of eastern Ukraine.

According to Reuters this year Russian advanced it’s troops with equipment to the border of Ukraine. That development had raised tensions between both countries. 

Russia also tested its famous defense missile system S 400 during sea breeze drills. 

Biden Talked Putin On Cyber Attacks

Just after the allegations of Ukraine, Biden decided to connect with Putin by phone call. The TASS news agency reported that phone call went better between both leaders. 

Biden conveyed concerns to Putin about the ransomware operations. He demanded action against culprits if information is shared. He also tried to clarify that he is not happy with involvement of Russian soil in all this.

Things worth watching in this show are how everything is changing with pace. Big superpower leaders are in direct contacts within minutes. Resolving differences of conflict matters is the dire need of the day. 

Cyber attacks are growing every passing day. Tracking culprits and labeling them state or non state actors is even more complicated. In the world of technology wars have evolved in multi dimensions. Having connections between top leadership will surely reduce misconceptions. 

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