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Ukrainian Artist Making Portraits Of Pets, Supported By Reddit

A Reddit Post was made to thank the Ukrainian artist for making Portraits of pets. Artist Ivan Kozak received a deluge of requests for his iconic work on pet Portraits. 

While the world is seeing the horrors in Ukraine as the Russian invasion continues, Ivan’s work would be hard to consider. It is such a piece of work to make people feel joyful after all this happening in the country. 

About Ukrainian Artist Ivan Kozak

Ivan Kozak is a resident of Lviv. He has been making paintings and drawings for a decade. Also, he sold some of his digital portraits on Etsy for the past few years.

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Initially, he used to work on human portraits before adding pets. He started this work after a family loss. There are many stories of Ivan’s pet portraits since then. 

Ivan Says: 

“It’s a funny story actually. My mum’s dog passed away and she asked me to come over and paint a portrait of our dog. Her name was Lady, so I decided to make her look like a real lady,” 

Ivan’s Artistic Pet Portraits 

Ukrainian Artist Making Portraits Of Pets

After getting success in artistic portraits, he used to work on hyper-realistic pet Portraits with regal cothing. 

Ivan’s work on a dog portrait gain the popularity on the Etsy page. Now he has five other painters in a team working on projects.

Accordingly, one of the customer commissioned to make a portrait of his pet. Then, he took it to Reddit to show others about how great his work was.

Afterwards, the post had nearly 3,000 upvotes and comments section also filled with the support of people to get their own pets painted. 

Then, Ivan and his team get an influx of orders to make the pet Portraits. Ivan recieved a great support from people as an artist in Ukraine.

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