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Ulcer Diet: What To Eat And What To Avoid For A Patient Of Ulcer

Ulcer Patients do follow their Ulcer Diet. It is all about the foods, what you should eat and what to avoid? 

Simply an Ulcer Diet is prescribed to help you reduce the pain and irritation that comes from a peptic Ulcer. This is what you call a painful sore in the stomach, esophagus or to the small intestine. 

Role Of Diet Plan To The Ulcer

As a matter of fact, foods or drinks don’t cause ulcers, also these may not cure them. But, some foods help repair damaged tissues, while others impact negatively on your ulcer.

For this end, you need a proper diet plan. Because adding an ulcer diet to your treatment makes you feel better faster instead of feeling pain and irritation.

Accordingly, an Ulcer diet may have the following roles to your health. 

  • It corrects the nutritional deficiencies that impact your health.
  • Provides required nutrients and protein that your body needs to heal ulcer impacts.
  • It helps you avoid foods that irritate the ulcer and increase its impacts.
  • An ulcer diet would also reduce other related conditions such as Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, and bacterial infections.

Now let’s come to the ulcer diet and their proper schedules to take. It’s just all about following what to eat in the morning, in the afternoons and at night. 

Ulcer Diet For The Morning Time

Ulcer Diet

There are so many food choices to add in your morning times. In the morning, the ulcer patient should take fruits, fiber and vegetables.

Fruits for Morning: 

Fresh fruits contain helpful fiber and antioxidants. Such as Apples, Grapes, Berries and Pomegranates. 

Breads And Fiber For Morning

In Morning, ulcer patients should take the required fiber and bread. This is a must to gain energy and power for the whole day. 

The breads can be of Whole grain breads, oats, and millet. These are good sources of fiber to add to the diet. 

Vegetables For Morning

Ulcer patients could take vegetable salads in the morning meal. They can add a mix of green, red and orange vegetables. Such as broccoli, carrots and cabbage. These are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that are good for health and healing. 

Ulcer Diet For The Afternoon 

Ulcer Diet

In the afternoon, ulcer patients should take light food. Because at that time, they could feel pain or discomfort if they overeat. 

Accordingly, there is the same choice for the fruits, breads or fiber but now there is an increase in some foods. 

Lean Proteins To Take In Afternoon

Ulcer patients should take lean proteins in their afternoon diet. This includes lean beef like Sirloin or tenderloin, Fish, dry beans, and Skinless poultry. Fish choices may include fatty fish like mackerel, salmon that provide omega-3 fats. These foods can help reduce inflammation and prevent ulcers from forming. 

Fermented Dairy Products

Dairy products such as cream and yogurt would be good choices. Because yogurt provides probiotics along with protein. So it is good to take a required amount of yogurt in the afternoon. 

Spices And Herbs

Ulcer patients can freely use most mild spices and herbs in the afternoon diet. Some of those include turmeric, cinnamon, garlic and ginger.

These spices have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Also some of these are good sources of antioxidants. However, for sweeteners, use honey instead of sugar. 

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Ulcer Diet For Night Time

Ulcer Diet

Ulcer patients have to limit their food intake in terms of choices as well as amounts. They should take their diet 4 hours before their sleep time. 

However, food choices could be the same as those of afternoon foods. Some of the changings in the night diet include:

  • Take white rice in place of bread or roti at night. Rice is light to digest at night time. Proper digestion is a must at night. 
  • Ulcer patients should take vegetables for dinner. Potatoes, kale, and other green vegetables with mild spices would be fine. 
  • Try to avoid eating meat and fish at night. These are some sort of difficult to digest at night. 
  • A little bowl of yogurt along with your diet would be good to take. 

Foods To Limit For Ulcer Patients 

Ulcer Diet

Ulcer patients must have to limit some foods to prevent impacts of ulcer and limit its pain and irritation. Following is a list of foods to avoid if you are a patient of ulcer.

  • Caffeine: It must be cut off because it can increase acid production in stomach 
  • Alcohol: Alcohol would likely irritate the stomach. Try to avoid beer, wine and spirits. 
  • Milk: Milk is also required to stop taking in Ulcer. 
  • High Fat Foods: Ulcer patients are not allowed to take foods with added fats. They should avoid cream soups, salad dressings and gravy meals.
  • Spices In Foods: Ulcer patients have to avoid anything that is “hot”. All kinds of hot spices are not allowed such as chili peppers, black pepper, sauces and horseradish are not allowed. 
  • Salty Food: Salty foods such as olives, pickles and other fermented vegetables can promote growth of H.pylori ulcers.
  • Chocolate: ulcer patients should not take chocolates. These can increase stomach acid production. It also triggers reflux symptoms.

Other Considerations  

There are many things to consider when taking an ulcer diet. That is because certain things could affect your overall health. 

Try to maintain your complete nutritional status. For this you need to focus on a good variety of foods in your diet and balance the need of nutrition. For example, you should take nutrients from other foods when you stop eating other one.

Try to make your own meals at home. Do not overeat when you are at parties, traveling or celebrating holidays. Do not take a lot of vine, chocolate cake. But you can make it a small one. 

Try not to underestimate your health and energy intake on a daily basis. It will be good to eat healthier for feeling better and maybe it can drop some of your weight.

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