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UN Chief Said: “Never Seen Climate Carnage” Like Pakistan Floods

UN Chief says: “Never Seen Climate Carnage” like Pakistan Floods. Accordingly, the Chief Of the United Nations said that he had no words to describe. About what he witnessed during the Pakistan visit. 

Antonio Guterres blamed wealthier nations for the devastation he saw in Pakistan floods this week. Over 1,400 people died and over a million people have been left homeless in flooding. 

UN Chief Visits Flood Ravaged Pakistan

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, has recently visited flood-ravaged Pakistan. He said that he has “never seen climate carnage” on such a scale. Then, he was blaming wealthier countries for contributing to the devastation.

Accordingly, the floods  have submerged nearly one-third of Pakistan. And, destroyed crops in a country. Now, the country has to face high inflation and a balance of payment crisis.

Statement Of UN Chief

Guterres on his second day of visit in Karachi. He said: 

“I have seen many humanitarian disasters in the world, but I have never seen climate carnage on this scale.” 

“I have simply no words to describe what I have seen today.” 

Devastation And Economical Loss To Pakistan Due To Floods

About a third of Pakistan is submerged by melting glaciers and record monsoon rains that began in June. Accordingly, it has caused colossal damage to homes, roads, bridges, rail networks, livestock and crops.

However, Minister of Finance Miftah Ismail estimated the total loss at $10bn amid a continuing economic crisis. On the other hand the independent analysts put the figure between $15bn and $20bn. They said that they fear it could rise further.

Moreover, the devastating floods have also caused serious damage to Mohenjo Daro. It has been a 4,500-year-old archaeological site in the southeastern Sindh province. UNESCO has designated it a World Heritage site.

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