UN experts urged Afghanistan rulers to prohibit torture

UN Experts urged the new rulers of Afghanistan to prohibit the torture in the country. The UN Subcommittee on prevention of torture (SPT) mentioned in a statement that torture must be prohibited at all times and under any circumstances. 

The UN human rights treaty body contacted the new Taliban authorities to take international obligations of the state. 

Taliban rulers initiated a kind of tyrannical rule in the country after acquiring it earlier this month. 

UN Experts’ Concerns Over Afghan Rulers

The UN Experts have shown particular concern over the new rule in Afghanistan. The UN Subcommittee presented statements our the situation of Afghanistan.

According to the analysis, the people are facing tortures including those who are in prisons, police stations and other detention facilities. 

SPT added that these cruel actions are not acceptable. All the inhuman and degrading activities which the Afghan new rulers initiated, cannot be justified. 

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UN  Reminders To Afghan Rulers

The UN Subcommittee reminded Afghan Rulers to preserve human rights within the state. They stated that authorities in Afghanistan must protect people against the torture and cruelty against any ethinic background, political affiliations or religious beliefs. 

They urged Afghan rulers to ensure safety and security of staff of the Afghanistan independent human rights commission and NPM. Furthermore they reminded afghan authorities to comply with objectives of convention against torture ratified by Afghanistan in 1987 and 2018. 

Statement Of Stephane Dujarric

UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric briefed in a media report. He talked about the UN’s response against humanitarian situations in Afghanistan. 

He added that the UN Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) enabled 160 humanitarian organizations. They are to resume flights to continue life saving activities throughout Afghanistan. 

UN’s Cargo Airbridge To Afghanistan 

The UN seeks to help the victims of human rights violence. The UN to establish a cargo air bridge which connects the humanitarian team to the people of Afghanistan. 

World food program WFP is operating the overall humanitarian air service to Afghanistan.

This is to transport the non-food items to the victims. These include medical supplies and other emergency services to the people who are most in need. This will be used for all the humanitarian aid to the country. 

The cargo air flight links Pakistani Capital city Islamabad with Mazar-i-Sharif in northern Afghanistan and to the south in kandahar. There are about three flights landed in mazar-i-Sharif till now. 

UN Chief’s Call Of Action For Afghanistan 

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres reminded all the senior UN Officials about their commitments and obligations about humanitarian aid. He said that urgent support and supplies would be provided by the UN humanitarian team and the staff. 

For that purpose, Mr. Guterres has also shown deep concerns about the economic crisis in Afghanistan. He said that children, women and everyone need International support and security. He urged for urgent supplies of all the needs to the country. 

Thus he called all the parties for providing humanitarian access for all. These also including the persons involved humanitarian workers and the team. 

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