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UN Session Ends Without Agreement On High Seas Biodiversity

UN Session ends without agreement on High Seas Biodiversity. Now, it will be up to the UN General Assembly to resume the fifth session at a date still to be determined.

Accordingly, the leaders have ended the negotiations to address growing environmental issues without agreement. They ended the talks on environmental and economic challenges without the formation of a treaty. 

UN Session Ends Without Agreement

The member states of the United Nations ended two weeks of negotiations without a treaty. Accordingly, they failed in talks to protect biodiversity in the high seas. That was an agreement to address growing environmental and economic challenges.

However, this was after 15 years, including four prior formal sessions. And, this time negotiators have yet to reach a legally binding text. 

They were about addressing the multitude of issues facing international waters. This is a zone that encompasses almost half the planet.

Conference Chair Rena Lee said:  “Although we did make excellent progress, we still do need a little bit more time to progress towards the finish line.” 

Responses From Global Leaders

Many of the global leaders hoped the session, which began on August 15 at the UN headquarters  would be the last. And, this would yield a final text on “the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction”. 

On the other hand, Liz Karan, the NGO Pew Charitable Trust has called for a new session by the end of the year. He said:  “While it’s disappointing that the treaty wasn’t finalised during the past two weeks of negotiations.  we remain encouraged by the progress that was made.” 

Accordingly, Laura Meller, of Greenpeace’s Protect the Oceans campaign, also commented on the issue. She said: “Time has run out. Further delay means ocean destruction. We are sad and disappointed. While countries continue to talk, the oceans and all those who rely on them will suffer.”

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