UN welcomes the Interim Government of Haiti

The special envoy of Haiti to the United Nations has welcomed the interim government following the assassination of the ruling president. Helen La Lime, Haiti’s special envoy to the United Nations, welcomed the move by Claude Joseph. She also welcomed Mr Joseph’s election promises.

Mr Joseph took over as interim government after the assassination of the country’s ruling government. Earlier, former President Mois was assassinated at his residence in the capital, Port-au-Prince.

Mr Joseph confirmed the assassination of the former head of state and said that he had been killed by arms holders after midnight on July 7. He added that the first lady was wounded in the attack.

Former President Mois took office in February 2017, but his rule was marred by trouble. Various armed groups gradually began to organize against him and movements began to take shape in various regions.

However, Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the United States. The long-running famine, natural disasters, political instability and are driving the country to greater economic fragility.

Mr. Joseph said that after the former head of state who was killed, said he had taken charge. He also told the media that the situation was under the control of the army. He promised to hold a general election soon.

Mr Joseph’s remarks were welcomed by the United Nations. Haiti’s special envoy welcomed the new election deadline, which calls for the first round to be held in September and the second round in November.

At the same time, La Lime said it is difficult to comment on the issue right now. They will have to wait for the further development. She further added that the assassins should be brought to justice as soon as possible.

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