South Africa came up with a load of undiagnosed diseases in its’s rural part

Recently a comprehensive health screening program in the northern rural region of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa shows a cluster of undiagnosed diseases of the people living there. The report also indicates the poor handling of non-communicable diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

Emily Wong, M.D, Faculty member of Africa’s Health Research Institute, conducted the research. She reported that the survey would give AHRI researchers and the Department of Health critical indicators to the fields where intervention is required. The mismanagement of the diseases was undiagnosed till now because they are non-communicable. Hence the people are not aware of any such disease that is infecting them. Due to lack of education and awareness among the public, the disorders are often found in every 1 in 5 men/women. Emily added that there is a high chance of getting ill by COVID-19 virus as several diseases like diabetes and hypertension preoccupy them. Hence the primary motto of the Department of Health should be to diagnose and medicate the affected and make them understand the risk of getting infected with COVID-19 by educating them with proper guidelines.  

Durban, an area within KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, is the worldwide epicenter for HIV and Tuberculosis infection. Wong researches the connection between HIV and TB pathogenesis. Thus she states that the rural or suburban areas are worse affected by HIV and TB, thus weakening their immunity and causing several diseases to enter the body. After 15 years of intensive research, the Department of Health has succeeded in lowering the mortality rate due to AIDS and increasing the life expectancy due to access to antiretroviral therapy.

The negligence towards the non-communicable disease has finally been brought to an end. Various mobile camps in rural and suburban areas have been set up to diagnose and treatment of several diseases in the rural part of South Africa. Proper awareness of HIV, TB, and COVID-19 has been provided to the citizens to understand their risk when they neglected the infections. Different labs, departments, and hospitals are working hard to eradicate the problem.

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