UNGA: Commitments on Climate Change by member states

UNGA held its annual Meeting at Newyork. After the discussion of COVID-19 pandemic, the world leaders made certain commitments on climate change and the environment. 

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, headed the commitments made by the world’s two biggest economies on Climate Action in Newyork.

Since this had been the 76th UNGA Meeting, that’s why this is the most important objective of any international gathering. The debate was about the nations responsible for climate change and commitments to reduce the effects.

UNGA And Commitments Of World Powers

In the annual meeting of UNGA, the two world powers USA and China presented their decisions on climate action. The USA president announced that the country would increase the climate funds and finance to approximately $11.4 billion a year. 

Replying to this, the UNGA Chief said that this step by the USA would be great as an initiative to climate action. He added that it would raise developed countries to mobilize the collective finance of about $100 billion a year. 

On the other hand, President Xi Jinping of China made an announcement about its reduction in Carbon emissions. He said that the country would end all contracts of coal energy power plants and support sustainable and green energy development. 

UNGA Concerns On Climate Change 

This is not the first time that UNGA has discussed climate concerns, since it has been a difficult situation due to climate change. However UNGA welcomed the global powers to contribute in climate action.

The top UN official said that there is a long way to go for climate actions. Following the coming conference on climate next month (COP26) in Glasgow. 

He added that next month’s conference will be the next step for implementations of global commitments. Thus there would be collective efforts against climate crises.

Furthermore the UN General Secretary called for immediate actions on climate crises. For this he specifically mentioned G20 countries to contribute in emissions reduction. 

UNGA Reviving the “Paris Agreement”

The UNGA revived the goals and objectives of the Paris agreement in the conference. The UN general secretary stated that the 1.5 degree goal of the Paris Agreement is a must for reduction of Carbon emissions.

He further stressed over the aims of the Paris Agreement to be made within agreed time level. Some of those aims include: 

Limit the amount of greenhouse gases by 2050. Countries set their own emissions reduction targets under national determined contributions (NDCs). The last one was about financing poorer countries by “climate finance” to adapt to renewable energy.

He further reminded that forgotten commitments from member states have already led the world in a catastrophic pathway to 2.7 degrees of global warming.

Finally, the General Secretary called all the states to bring their ultimate level of commitments and implementation contracts to Glasgow for further acknowledgement.

Aims Of Glasgow Conference 

The COP 26 Conference is going to be held in the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow UK from 31 October to 12 November 2021.

Thus, In this Conference, the member countries would submit their results and plans for 2030 emission reduction targets. There are certain aims and goals of the Conference include:

Emission reduction up to the zero level from the 1.5 degrees by mid century.

Protect communities and Natural habitat by ending forest fires and combustion of coal in the industrial sectors. Thus to protect and restore the ecosystems by adopting sustainable development strategies. 

Mobilize Finance to the developing countries to meet these goals under possible circumstances within the period or middle of the century. 

Finally at COP26 the states would finalise the Paris rulebook. Ambitions about accelerating the pace of climate action through coordination of governments, businesses and civil society.

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