United Airlines aims to bring back supersonic planes

United airlines announces To “return supersonic speeds to aviation” in the year 2029.

Airlines also announce to buy 15 new supersonic airplanes to carry passengers on ultra fast airplanes.

Aircrafts will be developed by a Denver-based company called Boom, which has yet to flight-test a supersonic jet. The plane named, Overture, is expected to be completed by 2025.

United Airlines is planning supersonic jets , but what is a supersonic flight?

United Airline to bring back supersonic jets

Supersonic flight is when a plane travels faster than the speed of light – an altitude of 60,000ft (18,300m), that means flying faster than 660mph (1,060km/h)

The plane is slated to fly at Mach 1.7, twice as fast as today’s commercial jets.

It will be able to fly from from New Jersey to London in just three and a half hours.

Supersonic jet can make a trip from San Francisco to Tokyo in just six hours

Supersonic passenger flights ended in 2003 when Air France and British Airways retired Concorde due to fuel requirements and flying at high speeds over the land

The plane received a lot of complaints because of the sound produced when it travels faster than the speed of sound , creating a sonic boom

In the year 2000, a Concorde owned by air France jet also crashed killing almost everyone on board

United and Boom are already aiming to keep the costs much lower to make the Overture a more financially sound venture, according to spokespeople from both companies


Fuel Cost , environmental and sound pollution

Boom has visions to produce fuel from renewable sources such as air, that requires less resources and offers minimum pollution

Boom CEO, Blake Scholl, said “We see ourselves as picking up where Concorde left off, and fixing the most important things which are economic and environmental sustainability,”

He told CNN recently, “Either we fail or we change the world.”

Blake Scholl, CEO of BOOM

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