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US Basketball Champion Grinner Appeared In Russian Court On Drug Charges

US Basketball Champion Grinner appeared in Russian court on drug charges. The basketball star Brittney Griner has 

appeared in court near Moscow on suspicion of possessing cannabis.

However, Russian police arrested Grinner in February at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport. While she was traveling to play for a Russian team during the US off-season.

US Basketball Player To Appear In Court

The 31-year-old US basketball player was finally brought before judges on Friday. After more than four months  to formally face drug possession charges in a behind-closed-doors trial.

Griner is a two-time US Olympic gold medalist. Now, she could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted. Accordingly, the athlete’s detention and trial come amid critical relations between Moscow and Washington. 

Grinner To Arrest And Tensions Between US And Russia

According to the US President, Putin attacks ‘reckless and insane’ Western sanctions and denies Russia stoking inflation. He said that the US is now boosting forces across Europe over the Russian threat.

However, police arrested Griner less than a week before Russia sent troops into Ukrainian territory. 

Accordingly, reports say that Grinner was carrying vape canisters with cannabis oil through the airport. Then, police accused the basketball player of large-scale transportation of drugs.

But, on Friday Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied that politics played a role in Griner’s prosecution.

“The facts are that a famous athlete was in the detention on possession of illegal medication containing narcotic substances.” Peskov told reporters. “In view of what I’ve said, it can’t be politically motivated.”

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