US Ice-cream Makes Israel Hot

Why is Israel so upset about the refusal to sell popular ice cream in Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories? We will give an answer to this question here.

Ben & Jerry Ice-cream

Ben & Jerry is one of the world’s largest ice cream brands. Ice cream is thought to cool you down. But it’s a hot topic in Israel these days.

A major US ice-cream brand has angered the Israeli government by the announcement. That it will not sell its ice cream in the Palestinian territories of East Jerusalem and West Jordan.

There are about 600,000 Jews in the area. Which has been the site of Israeli settlements since the 1967 war.

The Ben Jerry Ice Cream Company says. That continuing to do business in these occupied territories is against their values.

The company added that Jewish settlers in the area could buy and eat their favorite ice cream from Israeli cities. Where it is widely available in stores if they wished.

Following the announcement by the ice cream maker, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted. Now we know which ice cream we don’t have to buy. There is talk of a boycott of US ice-cream.

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But what difference does it make?

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has said. That he will take tough measures against the company including serious legal action.

One of the reasons why the Israeli government seems so concerned about the boycott is that Palestinian workers are rejoicing over the boycott.

They see the move by the ice cream maker as an important step. A tweet from the Palestinian Solidarity Movement’s official account said: “This is a big deal, history is changing.”

How important is ice cream?

Palestinians say the ice cream boycott is a way to put pressure on Israel to end Palestinian occupation.

Ben & Jerry is a world-renowned ice cream brand. The most popular ice cream in the international market with over 1 billion sales worldwide.

Two Jewish-American friends started a small company. But it grew rapidly. And Unilever, a major product maker eventually bought it.

Many in the United States know Ben & Jerry as a symbol of a free America.  The company is very active on issues such as language equality, climate change, and gay rights.

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