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Uzbekistan’s Road Map For Future Developments

Uzbekistan’s road map for future developments. After the increasing transparency and bold reforms in the past five years, Uzbekistan’s economy grew faster. 

Accordingly, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev was on his way to achieve the dream to create a Commonwealth of independent states. Now, he has set a road map for future developments. 

Uzbekistan’s Road Map For Future Investments 

President Mirziyoyev made significant investments both at home and internationally. Also, he made an open dialogue event held in Tashkent on August 22. 

Accordingly, Mirziyoyev has determined to allay any concerns for potential investors. They are to tame inflation and to push the country’s sovereign rating higher. However, there were certain heads of ministers of different departments to attend the event. 

Then, they discussed and shared knowledge on the country’s economy, trade, construction and investments. Moreover, President Mirziyoyev declared that August 20 would become a national ‘Day of Entrepreneurs’.

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Uzbekistan To Initiate New Opportunities In Trade And Investment 

The government of Uzbekistan initiated new opportunities in trade and investment. Their main focus has been to attract foreign investment. Accordingly, the country has seen a record amount of new businesses opening. 

That is more than 55,000. Some 26,000 of these enterprises have revenues of over US$1 million. On the other hand, the President Holds An Open Dialogue with Entrepreneurs: Announce New Initiatives, Benefits and Preferences.

He said: 

“We are entering a very important and decisive stage on the path of building a New Uzbekistan.” 

“Your selfless work, innovative thinking and approach are more important today than ever. And, I believe that you will set an example for the representatives of all spheres.”

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