Violence against Uyghurs and UN

Depending on the ethnic and religious differences, various human rights violations have been going on for a long time. Hitler’s anti-Semitism is the worst example. But in recent times, countries like Palestine, Kashmir, Myanmar, etc. have been the victims of such racial hatred. One of the examples of human rights violations by capitalizing on ethnic differences is the persecution of Uyghurs in China.

Violence against uyghurs

According to various media reports, Uyghur Muslims in China have been persecuted for a long time. Being a victim of such torture just because they belong to a different religion or race certainly requires consideration from a human rights perspective.

However, China’s socialist government has repeatedly said that no Uyghur Muslims have been persecuted in the country. Yet at various times it has been observed that the houses of the Uyghurs have been set on fire.

Recently, incidents of sexual abuse of Uyghur women have been discussed. In addition, human rights activists and newspaper workers were tortured in the country. Which has set a rare example of human rights violations.

Un to serve Human rights

Universal human rights are based on the fact that all people are equal. The United Nations has been established to recognize this equal right of the people through various ups and downs.

Immediately after its establishment, the United Nations enacted thirty universal human rights to recognize human rights. One of which is that all people are equal.

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Un to protect uyghurs

The United Nations has to play the biggest role in preventing the persecution of Uyghurs. Recently, in February 2021, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachell criticized the persecution of Uyghurs.

The Netherlands was the first country in Europe to speak out against it. Moreover, the United Kingdom and France have spoken out against the persecution of Uyghurs.

But in reality, every time the persecution of Uyghurs has been raised at the UN, the Chinese government has withdrawn it. As China is a much more conservative country in terms of its political structure, the incident tube of torture could not be thoroughly searched.

Why the violence still alive?

China is also one of the most powerful nations in the United Nations. Therefore, the UN’s efforts to stop the persecution of Uyghurs have repeatedly failed.

China is one of the veto powers of the United Nations. In addition, China contributes a large part of the entire budget of the United Nations.

On the other hand, China’s position in world politics is quite mature. China provides various assistance, cooperation and loans to developing countries. As a result, it is natural that these countries will take China’s side in any global question.

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