Water treatment plant construction in Egypt

The Egyptian government is into the extensive development of a water treatment part plant at the outskirts of Cairo to fulfil the country’s water shortage. 

According to the statement of Ahmed Rashid, governor of the Giza governorate, on Aug 5, that after the final trial test, the Dahab Island water treatment plant will be fully operational. In addition, as during the latest tests, the plants were running at the capacity of 0,000 cubic meters per day. So after the completion, it will have a total production capacity of 160,000 cubic meters per day. To enhance the water services, further trial phases will help a lot in the operation of the plant. It will also help in addressing the cuts and low water pressures in some areas of Giza. 

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Phases of Water Treatment Plant 

In 2019, the first phase of the trial was initiated under the supervision of the executive authority for water and sanitation projects. By July 2022, the Ministry of Housing was expected to be inaugurated formally. The water plan will be able to store about 60,000 cubic meters per day. It will also be able to purify the sand with the help of DynaSand technology. The DynaSand technology is use to filter the water with the help of sand. The needs like land area, electricity, etc., are available for the water treatment plant. 

The existing water treatment plant has a total capacity of 560,000 cubic meters per day. So if we combine the old one and the new one, then the total production capacity will be 700,000 cubic meters per day. 


The Dahab Island water treatment plant’s expansion project costs around 640 million Egyptian pounds ($41 million). The first phase has completed, which started in 2019. And now, to achieve the maximum production, the expansion for the second phase is implementing. 

The officials of Egypt are following the instruction of implementing such projects. They are trying their best to implement national projects to solve such a crisis of water problems in some areas of the Giza governorate.

Cairo is in fear of threatening water supply by constructing the multibillion-dollar hydroelectric dam near the main territory of the Nile river. 

There will be more Egyptian projects on the matter of drinking water and sewage networks. They will also address some of the common problems such as sewage overflows, low pressure etc.

Amending the GERD crisis Egypt has already the installation of additional water treatment plants.

If we analyze and include the advanced secondary and tertiary treatment plants, more than 450 water treatment plants are available across Egypt.

The ministry is doing many great jobs to preserve the citizens’ health and mind his quality of life. Currently, the ministry aims to improve the water supply situation in Egypt by implementing the three-year plan.

New Facilities of Water Treatment Plant

At this time, the construction of 150 new facilities is processing n the other governorates of the Nile Delta. And the cost of constructing these facilities is around 31 billion Egyptian pounds ($1.97 billion). In addition, it will have a total capacity of 5 million cubic meters per day.

In earlier days, the government was focussing much on the safe disposal of wastewater. But now, a new concept has enlightened everyone on safe reusing of water. Many places, such as irrigation or canals, use the wastewater, which gets clean through the water treatment plant. 

According to the figures, 96% of wastewater is treated in urban areas and 38% in rural areas. Despite its clarity and purity, people still don’t drink the water of the water treatment plant. 

The Egyptian government is currently implementing a set of projects to overcome the water shortage by 2037. 

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