Wendy In Tianjin Like Wang In Alaska

China-Us relations are entering into new competition levels. What Antony Blinken did with Wang Yi is repeated in Tianjin with Wendy. To humiliate rivals in their native land. Recent negotiations ended as expected. Both sides convey their messages from being in high positions. 

What does the US want from China in table talks?

Diplomacy seems yet another Biden’s tool of the engaging imagined enemy. Modern-day confronting tactics are all about having information. The USA is trying its best to deeply analyze the strengths of China. Biden is constantly criticizing his counterpart for human rights violations in Xinjiang and Hong Kong.

There are many areas of conflict in which the USA wants contact channels open. They are North Korea, nuclear proliferation, fair level playing fields of trade, global warming or climate change, etc. 

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What does China need From USA immediately?

News is that Chinese authorities gave two lists of demands to Wendy Sharman, deputy foreign secretary of the US. The first list was about addressing perceived errors. Like lifting the extradition of Huawei CFO, revisiting visa policies for Chinese students, softening situations for Chinese traders in the USA.

Chinese deputy foreign minister also cleared Wendy Sharman about the bottom lines of his country in a 4-hour long discussion. Bottom lines include Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang, etc. 

Both Countries Best Signalled Their Messages Through Media

Initially, Chinese news streams published messages. The USA’s international order is the rule of the jungle. China will give a complete tutorial to US delegates about diplomatic protocols. 

Similarly, the New York Times reported that Biden’s China strategy met resistance. CNBC headlines were like a tense meeting that ended between both countries. Western media also reported on perceived weak points of China. 

While analyzing both narrative builder media points we can conclude. Those media mouthpieces are doing their jobs efficiently. The situation seemed like Wendy Sharman faced the same tough welcome as a few months ago Blinken did with Wang Yi Chinese foreign minister in Alaska. 

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