What the USA Gained In War Against Terrorism?

What was a war against terrorism? How Afghanistan had links with global terrorism? Which Proofs USA displayed to the world before Aghan War? What were the goals of the USA in Afghanistan? All these questions deserve answers. But our today’s topic is to find the answer to the question. What the USA Gained in the war against terrorism especially in Afghanistan?

USA’s Main Goals 

USA’s main goal would be to annihilate terrorism by removing the Afghan Taliban Government. There must be a stable democratic setup. All stakeholders have shares in elections. The warlords system should not prevail more. Afghan national army and police must be strong.  People could enjoy the benefits of institutional reformations.

Price Of Achieving These Goals

What price did the USA pay to achieve all these goals?  The USA continued war for decades. According to Brown University’s cost of war, project stats are as under.

War killed 47 thousand, innocent civilians. It killed 69 thousand Afghan national army soldiers. 2.7 million people migrated to other countries due to war. The USA destroyed 4 million houses of innocent people. The US lost 2442 precious soldiers. The United States funded 3800 mercenaries expired there. 21 thousand USA soldiers injured. 1140 NATO soldiers buried there. The USA spend 100$ bn in 3 initial years of war. In 2018 USA spend 45$ bn. As a total official figure of spending is 978$ bn.

USA Gained In War Against Terrorism

The question remains there. Did really USA achieved all its desired goals. As a student I would say no. Taliban are more powerful. Chaos is everywhere. Warlords still survive. There is no democracy in the tribal countries. Afghan national army and police are surrendering even before the complete withdrawal. 

Millions of innocent people who lost their relatives, their homes, everything from both sides are even asking today. What the USA Gained In War Against Terrorism?

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