What to do if smart phone is hacked?

In this age of information technology, hacking the handset in our hands can cause damage. In fact, if our smartphone is hacked, we could fall into trouble. And so hackers are constantly inventing new methods for their own benefit.

At present, it is very easy to hack not only social media accounts but also smartphones. As a result, a rogue or vicious group can control your device from a distance.

But now the question is how to know if the smartphone in your hand has been hacked. In fact, if your smartphone has been hacked, then there are some changes in the smartphone. And if you notice these suspicious changes, there is a need to become aware of hacking.

How to know if the smart phone has been hacked?

If your smartphone has been hacked, you can get an idea through several signals. So let’s find out some ways to know if your smartphone has been hacked.

Battery backup

If your smartphone suddenly runs out of charge, you need to understand that the smartphone may have been hacked.

But many people may think that the decrease of backup of the smartphone is a normal occurrence. But in fact, if the battery backup of your smartphone is depleted normally, this phenomenon will happen gradually. Suddenly, your battery backup will not end in a day.

So be aware if you notice that the battery backup of your smartphone starts running out fast.

Data package

Hackers often use your data package after hacking your smart phone. As a result, your data package is quickly depleted.

If your data starts to run out faster than before then it’s time to be aware. That means if your data starts to run out faster than you used to, then you understand that your smart phone may have been hacked.


If your smartphone starts showing useless advertisements then it is likely to be hacked. That means you are using the smartphone and be aware if there are useless advertisements coming in it from time to time.

Usually hackers use your smartphone to do various online business activities. As a result, your smartphone can be seen advertising in vain.

Unwanted application

If you notice the presence of an unwanted application on your smartphone then your smart phone may have been hacked.

In other words, if you have any apps on your smartphone that you have not installed, be aware. Usually, hackers install different types of applications for their own needs. Which are automatically displayed on your smartphone.

Slowing down

If you suddenly notice that your smartphone is slow, be aware. Because suddenly the smartphone is slow, it may mean that it has been hacked.

Hackers use a variety of malware applications for their own purposes. They work in the background of your smartphone. Your smartphone may be slowed down by all these unwanted malicious software.

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What to do if smart phone is hacked?

If your smartphone shows one or more of the above symptoms, chances are that your device has been hacked. In this case, you need to quickly protect your device.

To protect your smartphone from hackers, first, download anti-malware software. Then scan your smartphone using the software. Delete suspicious applications or software.

Then keep a backup of your smartphone’s personal information or files. Then do a factory reset on your smartphone. This way you can easily protect your smartphone from hackers.

However, if you do not understand the presence of hackers or can not reset the smart phone, you must seek the help of an expert.

Awareness to protect hacking

Usually, you don’t have a chance to be unaware that hackers hack your smart phone. So it is necessary to be aware to ensure the security of this smartphone.

To protect your smartphone from hacking, never download any application or software from unsafe links. Android users must use the Google Play Store to download software applications.

Avoid public Wi-Fi to protect your phone from hacking. Public Wi-Fi is often insecure.

Lastly, download the anti-malware application to ensure 100% protection of your smartphone. And from time to time scan your device and delete the unwanted applications.

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