WhatsApp Blue tick: How to turn off

WhatsApp has become the largest communication application in this world of advanced information technology. Not only for free talking but also its simple use has made it very popular among the customers very fast.

However, many times an unwanted message comes to you that you want to ignore. But the moment you read the message back, but the person who sent the message will know. Because if someone reads the message on WhatsApp, the sender will see two blue tick marks.

WhatsApp usually uses a tickmark to indicate which message has been delivered or whether it has been read. For example, if you send a message through WhatsApp, it first shows a gray tick there. Now when the message is delivered, it will show two gray ticks.

But the moment a person reads that message, two blue tickmarks will appear next to the message. Showing two blue ticks with a message on WhatsApp means that the message has been read or viewed.

But you can easily turn off this option if you want. That is, if you send or see someone’s message, the sender will never know that you have read the message. So let’s not know how to turn off the blue tick on WhatsApp.

how to turn off blue tick from WhatsApp

There are a few simple steps you can take to turn off Bluetooth from your WhatsApp application. Let’s not know about these simple steps.

step 01

Open the application on WhatsApp from your device. And click on the three dot options at the top right.

step 02

Now choose the settings option from the three dot options. After entering the ‘settings’ option, an option called ‘My Account’ will appear. Click there.

step 03

Now select the option called ‘Privacy’ from there. Scroll down a little and you will actually get an option called ‘Read Receipts’ which you have to enable.

This way you can easily turn off the Blue Tick option from your WhatsApp. However, you can do the same thing using various third-party applications besides WhatsApp’s own service.

You can do your job by using applications like ‘Hide’ or ‘Unseen’. For this, first you have to download such applications from Google Play Store. Then you have to enable those applications on your mobile.

This option only applies to your privacy. However, if you are going to ignore someone, it is better to tell them directly. It is our duty to always use technology for immoral purposes.

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