When US President visited China!

Former US President Donald Trump called the coronavirus a Chinese virus.  There is a long historical background to the conflict between these two countries. The reason is that it wants to establish itself in the principle of power beyond the ideological boundaries.

However this information is known only to those who have the slightest knowledge of history or politics. However, this relationship was not like that forever. At one time good relations and diplomatic exchanges were established between the United States and China. And this was accomplished by a simple game like ping pong or table tennis.

In international politics today, we often see things like Olympic diplomacy or cricket diplomacy where the game plays an important role in the development of relations between the two countries. But beyond all this, we will learn in today’s event how a simple game like ping pong gave birth to a friendly relationship between the two superpowers.

Fifty years ago, in April 1981, at the invitation of the then chairman of China, Mao Zedong, the US Ping Pong team went to China.  The following year, at the invitation of the United States, the Chinese team traveled to the United States to play which set a rare precedent in the history of both countries and the world.

In 1962, Richard Nixon became the first president of the United States to visit China. Diplomatic centers were established in both the countries in 1973. And in 1969, the United States recognized the Republic of China. After about 20 years, trade and diplomatic relations were established between the two countries and the United States lifted all sanctions on China.

Shali was written in the context of Ping Pong diplomacy in 1949 when Mao Zedong launched the Communist Revolution in China.  Naturally, the rise of the communists was not good in the eyes of the capitalists. The Cold War ideological struggle that began shortly after World War II became an enemy of both the United States and China. But soon China’s relations with the Soviet Union, which led the socialist bloc, began to deteriorate. Fighting took place at different times on the border of both the countries.

In doing so, developing relations with China was crucial for the United States to compete with Russia. But that opportunity did not come to the United States. At that time, due to the ping pong game held in Japan, a Chinese ping pong player became friends with an American ping pong player. U.S. player Quan was impressed by Chinese player Zhuang’s hospitality. Where Chinese players did not even talk to US players, such friendly behavior aroused Kwan.  As a gift of friendship, the American player gifted a jersey to China Zhuang.

 On the playground, Chairman Mao’s diplomatic wit flashed in his head when he saw the Chinese player smiling and talking to the American players. And he invited the U.S. ping pong team to play and announced nationally that all costs of the trip would be borne by China. This opportunity has become a blessing for the United States. Nixon later mentioned in his biography that he was waiting for such an opportunity, but he did not believe that the opportunity could come with such a simple thing as playing ping pong.

 Thus, the first U.S. team to play ping pong on Chinese land. But to be honest, this ping pong team in the United States was not a professional team. At the same time, there were professors like college students. But then this impeccable ping pong team started an important chapter in world politics. Overnight this player team became a diplomatic weapon for both countries. The U.S. player team travels to many more places, including the Great Wall of China.

 In this continuity, relations between the United States and China began to improve. As a result, in February 1972, US President Nixon visited China.  It was a unique event in history. After which the world witnessed friendly relations between the two countries.

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