Where is the solution?

I am Rakhi ( pseudonym) an undergraduate student in a public university of Bangladesh. Coronavirus is now rampant around the world. Initially, the virus was prevalent in Italy, Iran, the United States and other countries. But earlier this year, the virus chose the United Kingdom and India as its playgrounds. Not only the delta effect but also the COVID-19 has been associated with a number of side effects. So it is obvious to be worried for us.
The effects of coronavirus have already started to increase in Bangladesh. Since we are surrounded by large India on all three sides, it is needless to say that delta variants of coronavirus could have penetrated if there was a small gap. And so it has been. Already lockdown has reenforced in some border areas. But Lockdown has benefited in a small way. And perhaps the biggest losers have been us, the education sector. Not only has the academic year lagged behind two years, but the students have not had a chance to see the catastrophe that has befallen them. We have been socially separated from our friends for a long time. Many may be dropping out of school due to economic weakness. Those who have been involved in studies for so long have become indifferent because they have not been able to sit for exams for a long time. More effective antidotes will be discovered and preventive. But is there any solution to the mental crisis that young people are facing today? After some years later, today’s troubled youth will serve our country, give birth to a new generation. Can we ever expect a future for us (country)?

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