WHO Employees Are Alleged Of Sex Abuse In Congo During Ebola Crisis

Employees Of WHO took part in Congo Sex abuse during Ebola crisis. The workers and other employees for the Ebola crisis in the Democratic republic of Congo. 

According to the report of The New Humanitarian, more than 50 women have reported against workers of WHO. They harassed and demanded sex in exchange for jobs between 2018-2020.

WHO Employees Case: Analysis Of The Report

The Thomson Reuters Foundation and The New Humanitarian have made critical analyses against workers including WHO employees.

It is a 35 page report containing information about the workers Of Health staff for the Ebola Epidemic including WHO workers. It shows certain incidents and accusations of victims. 

Afterwards, it states that about 21 to 83 perpetrators are WHO employees, have allegations of nine rape and others for harassment. 

However the workers include both national and international staff. More than 29 women became pregnant. Moreover they forced them for abortion later. 

The commission also interviewed dozens of women who had alleged the WHO workers. They said the WHO workers demanded sex for their job or better position in a job.

Malik Coulibaly, former President of the Human rights commission reported to a press briefing. He said that WHO team at Congo made conditions for sexual relations. According to which, the women working staff have to agree in order to keep their jobs.

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Response Of WHO 

WHO Head has taken immediate actions against the employees for allegations of sexual abuse. All the perpetrators who were involved in this case are banned. 

Moreover, according to the officials, four employees from the long term contracts are also terminated and fired. However their further punishment was not clear but their employment was immediately terminated.

In a response to this, the WHO director General Tedros Adhnom along with the UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres apologised to the victims and assured them of their legal rights.

Also, WHO Africa regional director, Matshidiso Moeti apologised to the victims who suffered. She said sorry to the victims for the cruel actions by their staff. 

Furthermore, he said the responsibility ultimately rested with him and promised to help support and protect victims, while vowing to control the situation and punish the perpetrators.

Statement Of WHO Director General 

WHO director General Tedros Adhenom, assured the victims about all the legal actions against perpetrators. He said this is inexcusable to avoid such a crisis. However According to him, immediate response to this situation would be his top priority. 

Furthermore he added that they have identified some of the perpetrators. He has planned to refer the rape allegations to Congo and other countries for suspected perpetrators. 

Ebola Virus In Congo And WHO

Ebola Virus disease (EVD) is an outbreak of Ebola epidemic in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo since 2018. It spread throughout central Africa and resulted in 3470 positive cases in 2020. 

Accordingly, WHO and the staff are working in aid to overcome the Ebola crisis in Congo. They declared it as an International health emergency after the failure of all the criteria required for PHEIC Public Health Emergency For International Concern. 

After all the attempts from WHO, the officials declared the end of the Ebola epidemic in May 2021. The staff workers also include local citizens from Congo and other African states. 

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