Why it is important to know about past?

Past help us in understanding our present world in a much better way. If we know our ancestors lived or by why the wars were waged, we can understand today’s world better and get ideas for a fairer future. What appears to us as wrong today could have been right earlier. it is also interesting to know-how inventions in the past improve the life of humans. Some major inventions that changed the way we live our mental processing that was invented around 5000 BC and the invention of the calendar, without which we cannot determine when the important events happened in the past.

Archaeologists are the people who make an attempt to find to know out about our past as much as they can. The historian frequently refers to various sources of history. These sources can be clay tablets, grave inscriptions, or simple colors. Sometimes they have to record the script, such as hieroglyphs, which were discovered in Egypt in a pyramid. big places where they can find evidence of the past human activities such as bone from the stone age or remains of the building or vessels that fell down in the Wells.

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BC(Before Christ) and AD(Anno Domini):
Most culture starts the calculation of the time within the event that was important for them. For the Christian, this was the birth of Jesus Christ. The year of birth of Christ is also known as ‘turn off eras’ because there is a belief among the Christians that with the birth of Jesus Christ a ‘new time’ started. The counting of years was started again from one after this time. Everything that happened earlier was specified as ‘before Christ’. The Islamic calendar start when the prophet Muhammad left Mecca in AD 622. One year of the Islamic calendar is shorter than that of the Christian calendar since it and after nine new moons. On July 20, 2012, the calendar of the Muslims will show September 1433 and hence they celebrate the first fasting day.

What is time?

Our universe was born with the Big Bang and with it time was also born. No one can explain exactly what is it. Albert Einstein tried it once and said that time is a ‘measure to arrange things one after the other’. we have to define equal sections from the second to the year to understand what an event occurred in the past. For 5000 years, people have been trying to invent all possible instruments for measuring time such as sundials, water clocks, and pendulum clocks. This sundial is 2500 years old. The time can be read from the shadow made by the horizontal rod. At 12 noon, the shadow falls vertically downwards. since 1949, we have had a precise atomic clock becomes slow by one second in 30 billion years.

Q: Who is considered as the father of history?

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A: Orchid

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