World politics: US, China And Russia In Gray Zone

Changing Global order comes with the change of world politics. The three rival power named, the United States China and Russia are in gray zone that is a matter of concern.

Defining Gray Zone

World is changing faster in terms of international relationships. We have a strategic map of international relationships. That lies in three situations: Peace, gray and war zones. US, China and Russia look heavily engaged in competitional gray zone.

Gray zone itself is very difficult to define. There are many different terms used in it. Like political subversion, psyops, disinformation, propaganda, supporting proxies, militias, NGOs, economic sanctions, corruption and many more things. 

World politics in Cold War Context

We have seen it in the cold war era. That it has never happened that two superpower rivals US and Soviet Union troops came face to face. Only Cuban crisis time was the exception to this fact. They deescalated because both were nuclear powers. And they couldn’t bear the consequences of nuclear war.

We can also conclude that Soviet Union was dismantled by mujahideen proxies of the US. Though it was a big achievement in US war history. But till the last time the US denied any potential backing of resisting forces. That is a drawback of proxy war that you cannot own your achievement. 

Smart Moves Of China And Russia

In the current scenario China looks like it is  a step ahead from the US in gray zone tactics. It has fletched it’s influence sphere to Pacific to Africa to Europe. It is majorly using economic incentives to its allies. BRI has become a global project that has its own diplomatic effects in different ways.

Russia is also giving a tough time to the US on many fronts in the gray zone. Be it Belarus to Ukraine to the Middle East or Central Asia. Everywhere Russia is showing it’s muscles by initiating military drills. Recently Russia showed its strength in Black Sea. Russian hackers are world known. Cyber security also comes in gray zone areas. 

Countries that usually come in between major powers are reaping benefits from both sides. There was an essential non aligned group of countries in cold war times. But this time it’s going tougher for buffer countries to remain neutral. 

Analyzing Pentagon Strategy For Afghanistan

If we simply analyse how the pentagon is trying to do gray zone activities in different regions. We can easily reach the conclusion that yet Washington is moving sharply in different gray zones including Afghanistan.

It’s not possible for the US to pull out from Afghanistan without having a gray zone strategy. There is a group of defense experts who look at the withdrawal move as a strategic retreat. For them this whole ongoing process is a manufactured chaos. Different stakeholders are allowed silently to do violence to some defined limits. 

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US Is All Set To Engage China And Russia In Gray Zone

The US would surely want the sucking of China and Russia in the graveyard of empires. It looks pretty beneficial for the US if instability prevails in the Central Asian region. Whereas Russia doesn’t want the US presence near central Asian ally countries. Also instability in the region can heavily affect Chinese BRI projects. As BRI’s major projects pass through that route.

The US is also encouraging its European allies to prepare for competition with China. Biden’s first trip to Europe was not a fully flop show. With that trip he succeeded in sending a message to the world. That the US is there and ready to counter Sino Russian influence.

To counter China in Pacific , the US made a Quad alliance with Australia, Japan and India. Blinken’s recent trip to India was in that context. Indian people are still trying to understand the message Blinken gave to them. His astonishing statements over indian human rights violations and saying that Quad is not on military lines are really not easily digestible for many in India. 

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