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World Swimming Prohibits Participation Of Transgender Athletes In Women’s Events

World Swimming prohibits participation of transgender athletes in women’s events. The World Swimming Athority has effectively banned transgender women from competing in women’s activities.

Recently, FINA members widely adopted a new “gender mainstreaming policy”. According to which only swimmers who migrated before the age of 12 could participate in women’s activities. 

World Swimming To Make New Policy For Participation In Events

The world swimming authority has confirmed that no transgender woman currently competes at an elite level in swimming.

FINA’s new 24-page policy also introduces a new “open competition” category. 

Accordingly, the organization says it has “created a new task force. And that will look for the most effective ways to establish this new category over the next six months.”

On the other hand, it  said that the open competition is likely to involve a lot of events. But details have yet to be fine-tuned. 

However, Members voted 71.5% for the organization’s exceptional general congress after hearing presentations from three expert groups. 

Those including the Athletes Group, the Science and Medicine Group and the Legal and Human Rights Group. They are to formulate principles that would follow the evening’s recommendations.

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Response From LGBTQ Athlete Advocate

Anne Lieberman Criticized the FINA’s policy. She said:

 “The profound discrimination, harmful, unscientific” new FINA policy “is not in line with the IOC framework for honesty, inclusion and non-discrimination based on gender identity and gender differences,” 

On contrary, FINA says it recognizes that “some individuals and groups may find it uncomfortable. For using medical and scientific terminology related to sex and sex-related behavior.

However, some use of sensitive terminology is essential for sexual behavior to be accurate”, which justifies other categories of competition.

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