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YouTube begins testing comment moderation tool

Youtube comments have been a burning garbage fire nearly since the site’s creation. It’s an issue that you either become numb to and figure out how to overlook, or on the other hand assuming you’ve uploaded your very own video, perhaps you simply avoid it all together by switching off the comments – a step that tragically decreases the engagement. Hence, YouTube is testing the comment moderation tool.

While a portion of the comments may not be pretty much as undermining as the rest, so many YouTubers feel they’re still very irritating and consistently convey the risk of being unsafe in light of the fact that, toward the end, you never know with what goal they’re being posted.

The comment moderation tool

YouTube has officially begun with its testing trials for another comment moderation tool that permits content makers to use stricter measures when it boils down to inappropriate comments, which would be held for review, as spotted by Marques Brownlee.

Refering to the spam issue, a few content makers started whining about it through a video explaining how spammers spam other genuine viewers by mimicking themselves as the content maker of the channel in the comment section.

To add to the specific circumstance, YouTube as of now has a high level AI and machine based spam filter system set up which automatically keeps up with the mental soundness of the comments section. In addition to that, there’s also a way to report such comments as well.

The YouTube Spammer Purge tool

The YouTube Spammer Purge tool, made by YouTuber ThioJoe, permits users to filter and look for spammer comment on YT’s channel in numerous ways and erase/report them at the same time. According to GitHub description; “YouTube offers a functionality to ban a user, but it does NOT delete previous comments. Therefore, I created this script to allow you to instantly purge their spam replies. IT DOES NOT PREVENT SPAMMERS – It only makes it easier to delete them when they show up!”

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