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YouTube Tricks And Distinct Features

YouTube is the largest social media platform. It contains different tricks, features and hacks that make it fun. However it is the second largest search engine company after Google. 

There are so many things to do with YouTube along with video streaming. You can play in different ways on YouTube. Some of the most distinct tricks and features are described here.

YouTube Features The Written Transcripts Of Its Videos

It is one of the features of YouTube that you can also see a written Transcript of any video. YouTube used to generate a written transcript for every kind of video. However the user can hide it manually from the viewers, otherwise it is public. 

The trick to see the transcript: First open the video in YouTube and then press the “More” tab underneath the video title. Go to the drop-down menu and click on “Transcript”.

YouTube’s Written Transcript Helps In SEO! 

It is interesting to know that your video can get found in search by uploading a transcript. Google, the parent company of YouTube looks at a number of factors when ranking the videos. Transcript has a lot of importance in search engine optimizations.

Digital marketing consultant Ryan Stewart suggested pasting the transcript right into the description box. Thus you can upload the transcript by the method described above and below is the process of creating or editing the transcript. 

Editing A Video Transcript

To create or edit a transcript to your video, open the video on YouTube. Then see the row of icons below the play button. Click the icon of “subtitles/CC”. 

Accordingly, set your language there. There are three different ways to add subtitles or closed captions to the video.

  1. Upload a written text transcript or a file set with time and subtitles.
  2. Paste the transcript wherein the subtitles timing to be set automatically
  3. Do type the subtitles as you watch the video. 

YouTube Create And Feature Playlists 

In YouTube, you can have a place to store and arrange the videos, which can be your own or others. This will be a playlist section on YouTube. These playlists may be private. However you can make them public or share them with others. 

Create Playlists 

For creating a playlist page you have to follow the steps: Go to your account and choose the “Creator Studio” in the top right. Then click “Video manager” and go to the “new playlist” option. You may have the option to set it with public or private. 

Add Videos To The Playlist

Once you create the playlist, you need to add videos on it. You may simply click Add Videos. Then you may paste the URL, or choose a video from uploads and search for a video on YouTube. 

Collaboration Of Friends On Playlist

You must know that your friends can also contribute to your playlists. For this, you have to turn on the ability to collaborate on playlists.

Firstly go for the playlist settings and choose the ” Collaborators” tag. Thus go to the settings and allow collaborators to add videos to your playlists. 

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YouTube Features Include A High-Quality Sound Effects And Music

YouTube also features a high quality sound library. You can add some cool sound effects to your music. You may also browse and download different sound effects and use them. 

To add sound effects you may go with the steps: Open YouTube Audio library by clicking it or open the Creator Studio. Then click on “Create” on the left hand side. Go to the menu and choose “Audio Library”. 

Thus, here you will get some good music options such as uplifting music, holiday music, jazz and others. Also you can add genre, mood, duration and so on. 

YouTube Features Live Stream Video 

One of the most extensive features of today’s social media is the live streaming of events. YouTube has also contained this feature. However this will be a little complex for beginners. 

For this, you must download encoding software and then set it on the live streaming at all. There are about 13+ encoders for YouTube which are live verified. You also need a webcam for this purpose. Then there are two options for Live streaming, “Live Events” and “Stream now”.

To go with the Live events, it gives you more control over the live streaming. Moreover you can also preview it. You have to choose Live events from your streaming dashboard. 

On the other side Stream now features simple and quick options. In this you will see a different dashboard and you will choose it with the Creator Studio.


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