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Zimbabwe To Move 2,500 Wild Animals Due To Climate

Zimbabwe to move its 2,500 wild animals due to climate. Accordingly, there is a helicopter which herds thousands of impalas into an enclosure. Also, a crane hoists sedated upside-down elephants into trailers. 

Now, teams of rangers drive other animals into metal cages. On the other hand, a convoy of trucks starts a journey of about 700 kilometres. They are going to take the animals to their new home.

Zimbabwe To Move Animals Amid Climate Change 

Zimbabwe has started moving more than 2,500 wild animals from a southern reserve. And, sending them to one in the country’s north to rescue them from drought. 

The country has faced the ravages of climate change replacing poaching as the biggest threat to wildlife. Accordingly, there are about 400 elephants, 2,000 impalas, 70 giraffes, 50 buffaloes. Also including 50 wildebeest, 50 zebras, 50 elands, 10 lions and a pack of 10 wild dogs. 

Now, these animals are among the animals being moved from Zimbabwe’s Save Valley Conservancy to three conservancies in the north — Sapi, Matusadona and Chizarira. 

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Why Are Animals Being Moved Across Zimbabwe?

Interestingly, it is the first time in 60 years that Zimbabwe has started on such a mass internal movement of wildlife. However, it was between 1958 and 1964, when the country moved more than 5,000 animals. The mission had the name “Operation Noah.

Accordingly, that operation rescued wildlife from the rising water due to construction of a massive hydroelectric dam. That was on the Zambezi River and had created a largest man-made lake, Lake Kariba.

Now, this time it’s the lack of water that has made it necessary to move wildlife. Because, their habitat has become parched by severe drought. 

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